Recursion – by Riyoga (a completely non-anime related update/post/story)

Hey guys. What’s up? How’s it going? Why am I typing to myself?

So I’ve gone quite a while with a post. At first it was due to me being infatuated with Rusty Hearts (and I still am; it’s awesome), but more recently it was because the Greek restaurant/taverna and lounge I work at told me I not only needed to know the names of foods and recognize the dishes, but also know the ingredients for each. And the ingredients for some of the ingredients. Ingredients within ingredients: it’s like the perfect job for Xzibit, or Christopher Nolan’s dream script.

I pretty much have it down now, so now I can hopefully focus on getting more posts out. I’m hoping to have a nice big post out Saturday or Sunday.

But while you guys wait for that, since I’ve gone so long without a post, I thought I’d include something nice (and different). Back in high school, I wrote a pretty short choose-your-own-adventure story for my Creative Writing class. I thought I’d share it with you guys.

I changed it around a bit from its original form. I took out names of real people, and modified some parts I thought were dumb. The story is still entirely the same though, so nothing too big was changed. I’m actually quite proud of it, mainly how I structured it and worded some things.

There are death routes, but I tried to make them silly (but not overly so) so you won’t get creeped out or anything. One is a reference to a video game, another is an Umineko reference, and another is actually a friend I inserted into the story because we joked about how he should be a death route. For that one, I also included a story that we read for AP English to be used as the crux of the joke. If you’ve never read it, look it up. It’s not too long of an essay, 3-4 pages I believe. It’s quite good.

Oh, and speaking of Umineko references, if you’ve read/watched Umineko, get ready for about a million subtle references.

Recursion: by Riyoga

“Why does that house even have to exist?”
“Does anybody actually live there?”
“Is that house actually haunted, or is it a lie to keep us from finding something that someone doesn’t want found?”
Those are all questions that everyone, including you, have about the mansion at the end of Kinzo Boulevard. Nobody has checked whether the questions hold any merit or not. This is where you come in.
You don’t believe in ghosts or haunted mansions or any of that bull. However, you are a tad egotistical. You want to be the first person to explore this mansion. Maybe get a medal, or your name in a record book or something.
There is something that’s bothering you though. While you don’t believe in any of that supernatural garbage, you’re aware that these rumors didn’t start themselves. There was a person who had a reason to start the rumors or spread them. That means that there is likely someone behind all of this. You know how these kind of stories usually work, so you know what kind of person would be likely to do this.
A murderer.

You walk down Kinzo Boulevard trying to think of a plan, to no avail. Probably due to the fact that your feet are killing you since you have to walk to the mansion. No buses in their right mind would go near the place.
Before you even realize it, you can see the gate that protects the giant mansion. Once you reach it, you sit down to rest for a minute and take a candy bar out of your pocket to eat.
As you’re resting, you notice a large keypad and a screen prompting for a password on the wall the giant gate is protruding from.
When you finish the candy bar, you observe that it may be possible to climb the fifteen foot gate, or you could guess the password.

If you want to attempt to climb the gate, go to Gate.
If you want to try and guess the password, go to Password.


You grab the gate in both hands and begin to climb. It’s moments like this that make you glad you didn’t skip P.E.
Once you reach the top, you carefully position yourself and take a short rest. Just then, your hand feels like it’s touching something it shouldn’t. You bring your hand to your face to see what’s on it.
Before you can react, a large chunk of the gate that you’re sitting on breaks off and you start falling towards the ground on the other side of the gate.
You swiftly grab at the horizontal bar in the gate that acts as a locking mechanism. When your whole body attempts to stop falling, the rusty bar gives in and also snaps. It doesn’t matter though, it slowed you down enough for you to not take any serious damage when you hit the ground.
You brush yourself off as you stand up, then you start down the long path.

Go to Path.


You move over to the keypad and think about what you would use as a password to a giant creepy mansion. You try Dracula.
No, is your response on the computer screen.
You think some more and decide to try the name of the street the house is on, Kinzo.
You decide to give up thinking and just try whatever comes to mind.
No, smartass.
You snap your fingers at the string of denials. You were sure that 42 would have been it.
Suddenly, you get an idea. You’re not sure where it came from, but you feel like it’s definitely the password.
Password accepted. Welcome back.
You wonder how you thought of 34, when you notice an engraving on the side of the computer that reads “34.” You sigh deeply, then watch the door as it opens.
Once it finishes, you start down the long path.

Go to Path.


Twenty minutes of walking later, you arrive at the house. It’s incredibly old and beaten, and it doesn’t seem like anybody could possibly be living here.
You walk up to the door and try to open it, but the lock resists you. You can tell that with enough force you may be able to open the door, but you also spot a pathway leading to the back of the house.

If you want to try to force the door open, go to Break Door.
If you want to go around the back of the house, go to Backyard.

-Break Door-

The porch isn’t long enough to do a running kick, so you put your right foot against the door and position yourself where you think you’ll be able to push the maximum amount of force against the door when you kick it.
Once you’re comfortable, you take a deep breath and then push your whole body forward as you sparta-kick the door. It easily snaps off of its rusted hinges and starts falling towards the floor, as do you.
You swiftly regain your balance to see that you were about to land on the largest horde of cockroaches you’ve ever seen. They now quickly flee to other parts of the house at the sight and sound of the door falling. However, you feel bad about the door and you re-attach it.
Once the cockroaches are gone, you enter the house.

Go to House.


You move off of the porch and head over to the path you saw. It leads to the back of the house, which has a garden that looked like it had been dead for quite a while.
You notice a shed a few yards away, and a door on the back of the house. You decide going into the shed would be a waste of time since the record for being the first to explore the house doesn’t include the shed.
As you move towards the door on the back of the house, you hear a loud slamming sound. You stop for a moment, then hear the slamming sound again. You’re able to tell that the sound is coming from the shed. You are suddenly overwhelmed with fear and think you should leave, but you’re also almost to the door.

If you want to head back towards the front of the house, go to Return.
If you want to ignore the sounds and go for the door, go to Back Door.


Your fear and the sounds are too much for you, and you turn back and head for the front of the house as the loud slamming sounds continue.
The moment you’re out of the backyard, the slamming sound abruptly stops. You take this as a good sign and head up the porch to the door.
When you’re at the front door, you notice that it’s open, almost as if it’s beckoning you in. It sends a chill down your spine, but you accept the supposed offer and enter the house.

Go to House.

-Back Door-

You figure the sounds are just tools falling over, and head towards the door even though the sounds seem to get more violent the closer you get to it.
You grab the doorknob and turn, only to find out that the door is locked.
You also notice that the slamming sounds stopped.
You turn around to see the largest zombie horde you could imagine flooding out of the shed and towards you. They reach you in a matter of moments, and you find yourself unable to even scream.
As you’re ripped limb from limb, you find that your last thought to be that you wished you had some pills.



You look around the entrance of the inside of the house, when you suddenly hear the door slam and auto lock behind you.
For some reason, the fact that this old house has an auto lock doesn’t surprise you. You also for some reason feel like you know this house.
Suddenly you’re hit with a violent migraine as strange memories of the house flood into you. All the memories are are essentially random images of the house, but you have no idea why you have these memories.
Moments later, the pain is too overbearing for you and you fall to the ground and black out.


You’re not sure how long you’re out for. Part of you doesn’t even care. You’re still being continually flooded by the image memories of the house, but at least the pain has stopped since you lost consciousness. At this rate, you wouldn’t be surprised if you knew the house like the back of your hand by the time you wake up.
An unknown amount of time later, you regain consciousness and grunt as you get back on your feet. You then move over to the dusty couch nearby to sit down. After all, at this point you practically feel like this house is your own.
Once you’ve rested for a bit, you decide to make use of this new knowledge you mysteriously attained. You’re feeling hungry and could head to the kitchen since you know where the canned food has been stored for who knows how long. However, you could also head upstairs where you know the master bedroom is so you can get some more rest and maybe even sleep.

If you want to go to the kitchen, go to Kitchen.
If you want to go to the master bedroom, go to Master Bedroom.


Your stomach is being obnoxiously loud, so you decide to head to the kitchen in an attempt to get it to shut up.
The kitchen is set up the same way a chef would have it, with the table in the center and all of the various slicing and hacking tools hanging above it on hooks.
You move over to the cupboard where you know the canned food is stored and open it up. To your delight, you find a ton of Cup of Noodles stored inside. You grab three of them and put them on the table. You don’t even know if they’re still good or not, but who cares? It’s fucking Cup of Noodles.
Before you do anything else, you realize that you may want to look for a way out of the house before you start eating and getting comfortable.

If you want to start eating, go to Cup of Noodles.
If you want to look for a way out of the house, go to Escape.

-Cup of Noodles-

You’re starving and the fact that you have Cup of Noodles in front of you doesn’t help. You expectantly pull off the cover… only to find the cup empty.
Although you’re disappointed, you just move to the next cup and open it. However, this cup is also empty.
You open the last cup you took out to no avail, and begin opening the cups you left in the cupboard. When you get to the last cup, you feel a weight inside of it. You excitedly pull off the cover to find a small bomb inside the cup.


-Master Bedroom-

Though you were unconscious, you didn’t get very much rest because of the pain, so you’re pretty tired. Your new memories had shown that the master bedroom had a pretty old bed, but it still looked decently comfy.
You make your way up the stairs and down the hallway until you reach the master bedroom. You open the door to find the room surprisingly plain-looking. The only real defining feature of the room was the multiple portraits depicting various colors of butterflies on the walls.
You spot the bed and are about to throw yourself onto it when you suddenly hear a crashing sound from the closet.
While you are quite tired, you’re not sure if you should start resting without first checking out what made that noise.

If you want to rest, go to Rest.
If you want to check the closet, go to Closet.


You decide that the noise was most likely nothing important and look back at the bed.
You’re ready to surrender yourself to sleep and you throw yourself onto the bed.
Then the floor gives in.
The facts that this house is old, not exactly stable, and you’re on the second floor never even crossed your mind. You crash a floor below and hear something break. Lucky for you, it isn’t any part of your body.
You’re slightly dazed and don’t want to attempt standing up, so you slowly roll off of the bed. You feel yourself land in some sort of liquid. You panic and think that it’s your blood, but when you completely open your eyes to check, you can’t see a bloody thing. Since it’s too dark to see, you decide to taste the liquid. You put a finger in it and lick it off, and are then surprised at your discovery. You’re lying in a puddle of alcohol.
Suddenly, light fills the room and you can see that when you fell through the ceiling, you had landed on a keg containing quite a bit of some alcoholic beverage. Judging from all of the other supplies in the room, it seems like somebody had been brewing the drinks themselves.
You turn around to see that the light source was an open door. That isn’t all you see though. A very unhappy viking is standing in the doorway. You had just spilled his newest batch of mead everywhere, so he had every right to be pissed,
Now, normally the viking would either knock you around a bit or he’d throw you somewhere such as outside the house. Unluckily for you, though, the viking had recently read A Modest Proposal.
You become the viking’s dinner and his new pair of slippers.



You walk over to the closet and slowly open the door. You look in the closet for the source of the noise, and see that a toolbox had fallen over.
You exhale the breath you had been holding in and realize the fear you had just been feeling caused you to lose your tiredness. You also realize that you should probably find a way to get out of the house. You leave through the master bedroom door and head down the stairs.

Go to Escape.


As you explore the mansion, you try opening every door that should lead to the outside, but to no avail. Even after unlocking them, you meet the same resistance when you attempt to open them. It’s almost as if a supernatural force is keeping you from leaving.
Your patience wears thin quite quickly and you grab a meat cleaver from the kitchen. You start trying to hack away at the doors and walls, but even though you feel contact, there are absolutely no signs of damage from your efforts.
It doesn’t take long before you start to panic. The thought that you might be stuck in this house for the rest of your life lingers in your mind like a stalker. You wind up spending the next hour or possibly even two in a state of severe paranoia.
You manage to get out of this by convincing yourself that there must be some sort of secret passageway out of the house. You walk around the house with your eyes scanning every nook and cranny.
You’re walking down a hallway when you spot something that stops you in your tracks… a door. Earlier, you had practically had the blueprints to this house embedded into your brain, so a single thought enters your mind.
This door shouldn’t exist.
You call upon your memory as best as you can, but you have absolutely no memory of the door in front of you. You decide you should either inspect the door itself or check inside of it.

If you want to inspect the door, go to Inspect.
If you want to check inside, go to Check Inside.


You move up to inspect the door and put your hand on it, almost as if to check that the door was actually there and not an illusion.
However, the door didn’t want to stay still. As you put your hand on it, it slowly tilts backwards and falls into the room. You aren’t expecting this and you also fall forward with it and wind up on the ground with about a third of your arm in the new room.

Go to End.

-Check Inside-

You open the door to find the new, mysterious room pitch black. You reach around the inside entrance to the room without entering yet in an attempt to find the light switch.

Go to End.


You suddenly notice that the part of your arm that’s inside the room feels odd. You can feel… wind, a breeze. You also feel what is unmistakably the warmth of the sun. This room leads to the outside somehow, you’re sure of it, you just don’t know where. And no, it doesn’t lead to Narnia.
Before your can think any further on this matter, the part of your arm that’s just entering the room suddenly feels like it’s on fire. It’s the most painful thing you’ve ever felt in your life, and you scream in pain as you swiftly retract your arm from the room.
You look at your arm to see that it looks like it had been about to get cut off. The wound is dripping blood, but it’s not a deep injury. It somewhat looks like an extremely thin red armband around the part of your arm that was level with the door frame.
You know the injury will heal and isn’t fatal, so you think some more about what you felt before the excruciating pain. Suddenly, you get an idea. You can use this room to send a message if it really does lead outside. You considered going in the room yourself, but seeing what it tried to do to your arm, you have a feeling that wherever you wind up, it’ll be in two pieces, at the least. A message, on the other hand, can still be found and read if it’s in more than one piece.
You move over to the stairwell and violently kick off a chunk of the handrail. You use the meat cleaver from earlier to carefully carve in a message saying to stay away from the house and to never go anywhere near it, not even the street the house is on.
When you’re satisfied, you toss the handrail into the darkness and hope with all your being that you’re the only one who has to suffer this terrible, isolated fate.


Your wish ends up being granted in full.
Due to your message, all kinds of bad rumors and stories start to pop up all over town. Nobody dares to go anywhere remotely close to the mansion at the end of Kinzo Boulevard.

And that’s exactly why you’re on your way to the mansion, determined to be the first one to explore it.


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