Summer Preview Post Bonanza (1 Post; 10 Shows)

Rather than dribbling posts out slowly for the shows that still need Preview posts, I figured to just do one giant one. While that means each show will be getting a bit smaller amount of text than usual, I’ll still say whatever I need to say, so there’s not much to really be missing out on.

I’ll also try and get editorials out at the usual rate for mid-season (one every two or three days) since I’m basically reviving, per se. Then again, college starts up soon, so that in addition to work may cause me some trouble shifting my timetable around again.

But hey, that just means that from this point on, I can only have more free time to write stuff, right? Whether it’s the weekend or (hopefully not) getting fired from work, those times will make me feel like I have all the time in the world.

Enough with the yammering, though. Lets get on with the show.



Number of Episodes Watched: 6

There isn’t much to say about Sacred Seven besides “It’s Sunrise being Sunrise.” Admittedly, this isn’t as good as some of their other shows, but the action is good and so are the designs for the suits.

Currently, the show is in the “mindless fun” category. The plot definitely has the potential to become good, but whether that’ll actually happen is doubtful. Still, a good action show is nice contrast to other shows I’m watching this season, so I doubt I’ll drop it.

Also, the opening matches up inexplicably well with “They See Me Rollin'” Coincidence? I’d like to think not, but it probably is.



Number of Episodes Watched: 5

More of the same. There’s not much else to say. If you thought the first season was funny, you’ll find this funny; if you thought the first season sucked, you’ll think this sucks. In a way, that’s praise for the show. Being consistent is sometimes more important than trying to target a new audience.

I still find this show to have some of the best-executed jokes in the industry, but that’s just my sense of humor, I suppose.

Also, Hazuki is still the best girl in this show.



Number of Episodes Watched: 3

This show is a tough one. It’s imaginative (especially the main characters ability to revive from bring dead 6 times each 15 minutes), but it hasn’t really done anything to come off as a great show. It just comes off as hugely generic.

Though just like Sacred Seven, it’s enjoyable to watch. This is aided by our main villain being voiced by Jun Fukuyama, since he always does such a good job. Seriously, Jun’s always at his best when voicing villains. At least in my opinion.

If you’re curious, give the show an episode or two to see if it’s worth your time, but I doubt you’ll find it to be so. I’ll continue to watch it to see if it does anything unexpectedly extraordinary, but I’m not holding my hopes up too high.

Right now I’m honestly just watching because dat monocle. I have an unhealthy incredible fascination with monocles.



Number of Episodes Watched: 3

Oh boy. I picked up this show hoping it would be funny. This show is less funny than the Hen Zemi TV airing was. At least Hen Zemi TV tried to be funny by being weird. R-15, on the other hand, is just plain retarded. 99% of its “jokes” aren’t funny at all. This’ll definitely be the first (though maybe only) dropped show this season.

Avoid at all costs.



Number of Episodes Watched: 6

So… how did watching this show come about, I bet you’re wondering. Well it’s being streamed on NicoNico, which allows users to insert comments into videos. Because of this, I expected some funny comments to go with a show like this, so I gave it a watch.

And the first episode blew my mind.

Well, more accurately, SHINING SAOTOME☆ blew my mind. It seems like a show isn’t taking itself seriously when you hire Norio Wakamoto to voice a crazy school principal who flies around, sings, dances, and has Engrish every other line.

If you can watch this show without taking it seriously (not that hard), it’s fucking hilarious. Better yet, keep up with it on NicoNico after you’re caught up on the episodes.

Also, though I’m slightly reluctant to admit it, all the songs and such for the show have been pretty awesome. Natsuki easily had the best character song yet, and the OP and ED are already earworm status.



Number of Episodes Watched: 3

I’m enjoying Dantalian quite a bit, but I have a problem with it. A lot of its stories have been following the format of “Book X has caused Event Y to happen. Pull out Scripture Z and recite it to win.” It’s not necessarily a bad formula, because you still get to see the book’s effect on stuff, but I can see it getting repetitive quite quickly.

However, I did like the first half of the third episode. When the show gets philosophical/preachy, it’s quite good. Showing that even though the kids were fully capable of overthrowing the adults, or even taking over or destroying the world, yet chose not to, was great. Just because someone is capable of doing something extraordinary or life-changing doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to do it. Some people are perfectly fine with their normal lives.

I hope the show mixes up its formula a bit from here on out, but even if it doesn’t I’m sure I’ll find some way to enjoy the show. The art and setting are already very good.



Number of Episodes Watched: 3

This show… is actually boring me a bit. Which is surprising, considering I had such high expectations for it. I may have just had a sudden wave of tiredness wash over me during the second episode, though, so maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to blame the show. It does have an interesting setting, and right now I really can’t predict where the plot is going.

I’m slightly concerned that pretty much every doll owner has at least a few screws loose, though. Was them being crazy a requirement for the pact? Or did that come along after the pact? That’s what I mainly want to know right now.

I have high hopes for the show, so I don’t plan on dropping it any time soon.



Number of Episodes Watched: 3

I’m not sure what to think for this one. On the one hand, I like Alice, and the yakuza are funny, but at the same time nothing extraordinary has happened yet to praise the show for.

I suppose the simple fact that I’m enjoying the show is good enough for me, but I hope the show goes somewhere. For now I don’t mind seeing Alice’s interactions with everyone and seeing the mysteries pan out, but I want some overarching mystery to start taking shape.


NO. 6

Number of Episodes Watched: 3

This is one of my favorite shows this season. This show is basically the equivalent video-wise to a book you’d call a page-turner. The story is interesting, and is paced at just the right speed. And just like Kamisama Dolls, I have no idea where this story is going to go, but I’m eager to find out.

Also, the BL vibes are really, really small. It’s very easy to not see any BL in the show at all, since every action that could be seen as such can easily be passed off as having another motivation for it. If anything, the BL vibes are in the dialogue, which just like the actions, can easily be passed off as meaning something else. They’re actually quite clever with the show so far.

Completely on the other side of the spectrum, this show should have the nickname (or at least subtitle) How to Make Conversations Awkward, Fast. I’m not sure whether to laugh, applaud, or be frightened at the conversation starter: “I want your sperm.”



Number of Episodes Watched: 3

Back in my impressions post for Spring, I said that this show had a good chance of being boring, despite being good. That’s just the problem with shows like these: they’re good and focus on a nice topic, but they just aren’t fun to watch.

Bunny Drop doesn’t suffer from that problem.

Whether it’s watching Daikichi trying to handle becoming a dad, Daikichi and Rin’s interactions, or Rin just being a young girl, everything that happens in the show is interesting, and very often, heart-warming.

On a more personal note, I used to be like any other guy, hoping when I had a family, I’d have a son so we could have great father-son times and such. However, when I was about 15, my mindset did a complete 180. I suddenly decided that more than anything, I wanted a daughter. It was a combination of seeing things in real life and on television, but still to this day, if I have a family, I want a daughter.

This show just further adds to those feelings. Rin is adorable, of course, but it’s mainly Daikichi that gets to me. His efforts to be a good father for Rin even though he doesn’t really know what to do moves me quite a bit. If I ever have a daughter, that’s the kind of father I’d want to be for her. I envy their relationship.

It’s due to all of this that Bunny Drop is my favorite show this season.

If you’re going to watch a show from this season, this is it.

8 Comments on “Summer Preview Post Bonanza (1 Post; 10 Shows)”

  1. TRazor says:

    I like the yammering…

    • Riyoga says:

      And I like to yammer, but I can’t have a post title be “Show X” then spend 90% of the post talking about my life. It’s a sad truth.

      If you like yammering, you need to write another post! You’ve only made one since your return (which I still need to comment on).

      • TRazor says:

        The fact that I replied to a comment 10 days late should speak volumes about my current writing speed.

        But yeah, I will get back, hopefully sooner than later. I’ve got a long post half-way through that I can probably finish in another sitting.

        • Riyoga says:

          Well whenever you get it out, I’ll be sure to read it.

          And I’ll eventually get around to commenting on that last post you did. For some reason, whenever I’m thinking of doing it, something else pops up that I need to do and then I forget.
          Pretty much story of my life right there.

      • TRazor says:

        Lol, it’s not like you have to comment or anything…

        Catch ya around man!

        • Riyoga says:

          Of course I don’t, but I’m trying to comment more on people’s posts. I feel bad that you guys comment on my stuff a decent amount, but I hardly ever do the same for you guys.

          Plus, I know how nice it feels to look at your inbox and see you got new comment.

  2. SStefania says:

    Yes, Usagi Drop is the best show in this season from the very first episode. My personal second is Uta no Prince-sama and third is Ikoku Meiro no Croisee.
    I am quite surprised that you didn’t even try to watch famous Blood-C. Not like it disappoints me, I mean the show is disappointing and it’s good to see someone is focusing on different things rather than watching one episode and writing that this thing sucks. It’s refreshing, but still surprising.

    • Riyoga says:

      I never really got into the Blood series. Plus, the vampire genre has really been beaten to death for me, so that’s even less incentive for me to watch.

      I always give a show at least 3 episodes before forming an official opinion. Some shows just need the time to set themselves up.

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