Review: Steins;Gate


Anime: Steins;Gate
Animation Studio: White Fox
Number of Episodes: 24
Length per Episode: Approximately 24 minutes

First review for the summer season! I actually forgot Steins;Gate aired on Tuesdays (since usually releases for it came out a few days later), so it looks like I’m starting my reviews sooner than expected. That’s also why it took me a while to get this out, I wasn’t ready for the show to end at all. I know it’s actually only been a day (well, two, after this post actually gets published), but I try to get reviews out the same day the show ends unless it comes out late at night.

I’m not sure how long this review will be. On the one hand, I really liked Steins;Gate, but on the other, whenever I try to think of things to say about it in my head, I draw a gigantic blank. So lets see how well this goes…

I always like when shows don’t need to focus on big flashy fights to keep your interest. I mean, I still like watching big flashy fight shows because they’re cool to watch and kill time and everything, but I’m simply more impressed when a show can be interesting without all of that stuff.

Steins;Gate is a show that does exactly that. Other than the flashy time-travel mechanics of the story, it’s really nothing but a bunch of character interactions. Yet the interactions are always fun to watch, mainly because they’re majorly helped by a great cast of characters.
And yes, I do mean everyone.

I don’t think I came across a single person who didn’t hate Daru. Which confused me, because it was obvious that he was a nice guy. Yeah, he says stupid shit all the time, but he does it on purpose to keep a light atmosphere going around. I’ll keep this vague to avoid spoilers, but did everyone forget the part where Daru was being dumb and asking for some cel from a Magical Girl series from someone, but when he was bringing it up a second time later on, he saw her eyes starting to water and immediately dropped it. Or when he asked Okarin for a date with Feyris as payment, but dropped it and got serious when he realized Okarin wasn’t joking around about what he wanted done?
I actually respected Daru a lot for having that kind of mentality.

Mayuri also got a fair amount of people that didn’t like her, but I also had this itch in the back of my head telling me that her light headed-ness was to her as Daru’s dumb comments were to him. It’s possible I’m just hoping that she was just playing around, but even if she wasn’t, there was a role for her to play. She was essentially Okarin’s human (normal) half. Of course, it’s obvious that Okarin is just acting with the whole Mad Scientisto~ role, but even then, he probably seriously would have descended into being a real one if it weren’t for Mayuri.

Kurisu… I really shouldn’t even have to explain. I’ve said before that I like tsunderes, and Kurisu is done very well. She also gets to serve as the person to bicker with Okarin, leading to humorous situations. Plus she’s smart, and actually speaks her own mind, which makes her all the better.
…And she also has long, straight hair, which is extremely attractive. NO IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING RED LETS LEAVE SHANA OUT OF THIS. I find both longer hair and straight hair to be attractive, that’s all there is to it. Partially because I’m jealous (I don’t like how my hair curls when it gets too long).

But of course, Okarin steals the spotlight. Steins;Gate just wouldn’t be Steins;Gate without the Mad Scientisto~. He’s one of the most unique characters to pop up in anime in the last few seasons (at the least). Whether it’s his obsession with Dr. Pepper, his quips with Christiiiiiiiiiiina (Kurisu), or just flaunting his Mad Scientisto~ (yes I’m writing it that way every time I say it and you can’t stop me) personality to people whenever he can, he’s always enjoyable as hell to watch.

The only thing that could really detract you from the show is all of the SCIENCE it has. It’s legit science, and deals with a lot of complicated time travel mechanics, so it can be confusing if you can’t keep up. But otherwise, there’s no reason you shouldn’t watch Steins;Gate. It’s fun, it’s intense at times, and all the characters are fun to watch. This show is a trip through time that you don’t want to miss.

El Psy Congroo.

RATING: 10 out of 10.

P.S. The movie is going to be fucking awesome. Especially if it’s about what I think it’s going to be about.

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4 Comments on “Review: Steins;Gate”

  1. Anonomyous says:

    Agreed, all of them were great.

    To me, the entire lot forms a single entity. Okabe is the legs, Makise the brain, Mayuri the heart and Daru are the hands. All of them are critical to the series plot.

    The former 2 are obvious but the latter 2 are also important. Without Mayuri, the entire lab would have broken up since she was the glue, befriending everyone from Moeka to Suzuha to Makise and keeping Okabe from falling into self pity. Without Daru, they would have to forget about doing any of the real work from making the microwave to repairing the time machine to hacking the CERN database.

  2. glothelegend says:

    One of the best shows of the year HANDS DOWN.

    Okabe kicked more ass than Bill the Ass-Kicker it was insane.

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