Review: Sacred Seven (and Brief Analysis of the Art of Storytelling)


Anime: Sacred Seven
Animation Studio: Sunrise
Number of Episodes: 12
Length per Episode: Approximately 24 episodes

I have a Calc II test tomorrow guys. I’m gonna fail. And die. And I’m not sure which will come first. Why the hell is Calculus required for Software Engineering anyways? I’m never going to use it. Just discourages me from trying to learn it all the more.

Anyways, sorry for this coming out so late. Considering it’ll be short (maybe even shorter than Bunny Drop’s review), there’s no reason it should have been delayed this long. Well, except for all the homework due pretty much every day this week. And the studying for the Calc II test. And all of the sleeping during the day because I can never get enough sleep at night with a 7:30am class.

Well, whatever. Onto the review.

The biggest problem with Sacred Seven is that it’s… well, it’s stupid. Which isn’t necessarily a problem right of the gate (comedies can be stupid and parodies can and sometimes need to be stupid), but the author and/or director plays it totally straight-faced, as if it’s the next Code Geass.

It got a little interesting at the end since it was foreshadowing the big, climactic battle, but then the villain starts talking about how the power of Sacred Seven is the power of Aztec Gods, and that the Aztecs used live sacrifices to gain their power which made them great warriors.

Why wasn’t something like this said in the beginning?

If it had been told at the beginning, it still would have been pretty odd, but at least it wouldn’t have been as retarded since it just seemed like something they were pulling out of their asses at the very end to tie up plot holes. Or at least they could have foreshadowed it in some way. But no, instead it was just, “LOLHEY, WANNA KNOW THE ORIGIN OF THE SACRED SEVEN POWER? AZTEC GODS, LAWL!”

But that does beg the question, why are some stories better than others? I don’t mean in general, I mean even when they have all of the essentials. Fore example, Code Geass and Madoka Magica are taken seriously by basically everyone, and everything that happens is serious and important to you.
But with Sacred Seven, even though it has all of the essentials for a perfectly fine show (except that whole Aztec God bullshit), there’s just this sense of detachment when watching it and you can’t take it seriously at all. Perhaps it’s the army of maids, the rock club, the unfunny moments that are supposed to be funny, or the truly cliché moments that pop up. Maybe we just have some mental counter in our head and when too many ridiculous things happen, we can no longer view the show seriously. Perhaps it’s the timing, in that certain pieces of plot need to be told at certain points (*cough* Aztec Gods *cough*). Or maybe it’s all just instinct, in that we just naturally can’t take some shows seriously, while others can.

Whatever it is, it seems like the only thing that can be said for sure is that presentation is everything.

RATING: 6 out of 10.

*Shows rated under 7 don’t get their own slideshows*

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