Quick Update

So you’re all probably wondering why I haven’t posted reviews even though two shows ended recently. Well, actually, they were just released yesterday, but still.
But I was also taking my time responding to comments. So, once again, the question is, “What’s going on?”

Well, it seems my school has taken it upon itself to take the “moral high ground” and block torrenting.

It’s kind of funny because it first they blocked any kind of peer-to-peer connection, which basically wrecked Skype, but they fixed it a few hours later. But anyways, the point is that I can’t get any of my shows right now. Well, unless I direct download, but since our upload/download is capped, it totally fucks your bandwidth over when you direct download so you can’t do anything Internet-wise for like an hour at the least.

I’m downloading the final episodes for the two shows now, and I’m hoping to post reviews on them tomorrow. I’m also working on a workaround to this whole thing (because it’s fucking stupid on multiple levels). My roommate and I are going to go complain, but if that doesn’t work, we’ll see about setting up our own VPN. Even if that falls through, I have a backup plan to remote desktop my way to my desktop at home and do all my torrenting there, which I can then have download into my Dropbox folder, which will sync with my laptop here.

So, in closing, my reviews are still coming, I’ve just been slowed a bit. And second, my college is retarded.


4 Comments on “Quick Update”

    • Riyoga says:

      I can’t get glorious high-res screenshots from a stream.

      Besides, my roommate and I already set up a VPN. Three hours and $7 a month later, and we’ve already bypassed their block. This is why you don’t mess with Computer Science/Software Engineering/Computer Engineering students.
      Or at least, you don’t mess with their Internet.

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