Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – Episode 2

As I said before I changed this post, I’m going to abandon this pseudo-forum format. It’s not accomplishing what I wanted it to (despite being only two episodes in), and all it’s probably doing is making people looking for posts on the episode angry that they didn’t find what they wanted.

Also, before I start writing about this episode, I have a few things to say about the last episode. Or rather, people who watched the last episode.

I browsed around quite a bit for other opinions on the show, as I do with all shows I like or dislike a lot, and a lot of people got confused by the time jumps in the first episode. Not to sound mean or anything… but it really wasn’t that difficult to keep up with. The thing I saw the most was that people were confused by the very first scene. You guys do know what a flash-forward/foreshadowing is, right? Does anyone remember the movie Daredevil? That also started with one. It’s the same idea of showing a scene later in the story so that the question then changes from what happens to why does it happen.

But enough of that, lets move onto this episode. And this time I won’t just repeat what happened in the episode. Episodic-writing tends to make me do that, and first episodes with settings being set up certainly doesn’t help.

It seems like this finale is following a pretty formulaic approach to how the story is being told. Not that that’s a bad thing, there’s a known formula for a reason. Shana has been using it quite well so far.

What I mean is, if the first episode was the game board being placed on the table and brushed off, then this episode and ones to follow are the game pieces being set up.

This was pretty much shown by Yuji taking over Sereiden.snap2

I mean, of course there were other parts that showed it, but this was the bluntest. Now that he has all of the Crimson Denizens/Guze no Tomogara under his wing, they’re going to coordinate some master plan. The professor was mentioning something about performing an experiment, and as evidenced by the very first scene in the first episode, it seems that it’s going to have some very destructive results.

Though speaking of Yuji and the Crimson Denizens/Guze no Tomogara… I’m sure people were wondering about one scene in particular.snap2

I also saw a lot of people mentioning that they didn’t like Yuji’s new hair, so I suppose this scene is almost an answer to that. Sheesh, it’s like Hidan no Aria all over again.

Except the whole point of the hair is that it makes him look more like an old feudal lord. The reason he could do what he did with his hair and the reason it makes sense to make him look more like a feudal lord will make more sense later in the series, if it doesn’t already (he’s pretty much taken command of everything).

Though people that didn’t like it will still be glad to know that it looks like Yuji can switch bodies at will.snap3

It makes sense, if he and the entity inside him are sharing a body and they can switch who’s speaking at any time, they should be able to switch their form whenever. It’s probably similar to Shana and how she can change into her red-haired, burning-eyes form.

Though speaking of Yuji being back in his normal body, it looks like he’s going to go see Shana, and by the looks of the preview, it looks like he might already be giving her an ultimatum. I’m eager to see their confrontation and what they’re going to talk about. Perhaps Yuji will reveal his reasons for switching sides already and what that whole “change your destiny” deal is about.

Other than that, not too much happened in the episode. The Shanghai branch of Outlaw fell and Keisaku is on his way to join Outlaw. I’m also glad that we’ve already gotten to see Sabrac again and hope to see another major fight with him. Also, it’s good to see Lamies back. He was only shown briefly, but it seems like he has a major part to play in the things to come.

Though I repeat, what I’m most eager to see is the confrontation between Yuji and Shana. The two spoilers I’ve seen only give me a minor idea of what’s going to happen, but if I’m right, then even more shit is about to hit the fan.

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  1. alastor69 says:

    wheres the video? im from italy =))

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