Preview: Fate/Zero


This is the night where I get to make up for not sleeping last night by going to bed early and sleeping for nearly 10 hours. It’s going to be awesome.

Though, speaking of things being awesome…

Odds are that you’re already aware of the Fate/stay Night universe, and the fact that this series is a prequel to it. For those of you who only know that much, Fate/Zero was actually created after the creator(s) asked Gen Urobuchi to write four novels which would serve as a prequel to Fate/stay Night. Not sure why Nasu didn’t just choose to write it himself, though. Guess he was just a fan of Gen.

But enough of the history lesson, I should talk about Fate/Zero.snap2

Now, a lot of people liked Fate/stay Night. I enjoyed it too, though I recognized it had it’s fair share of flaws. I then tried to read the original visual novel three times, but always stopped within seconds of reaching Shirou’s perspective.

While an interesting novel and a great concept, the author has a terrible habit of describing every little thing. Despite what teachers seem to want you to think, excessive details is NOT good writing. It’s boring as hell and just serves as fluff. Sure, there are certain things that can use descriptions, but describing the goddamn chirping of the birds is dumb and boring.

Fate/Zero, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have this problem. I would without hesitation call Gen Urobuchi the better writer of the two. While he can get a little bit drawn out with his exposition, at least Gen knows when to do it and how to word it to make it interesting. He also knows how to make scenes that send chills down your spine. The end of the first episode still does it to me.snap3

Fate/Zero will without a doubt be one of the big shows this season, which is why it’s unfortunate that there’s going to be a season break inbetween the two halves. But hey, if it helps them make it even better, then I say I’m willing to wait for it.

Besides I’ll have the second half of Shana III to keep me entertained and busy for the break, so hell yeah.


2 Comments on “Preview: Fate/Zero”

  1. Random_Passerby_Number_612 says:

    Umm… You’re wrong. Very wrong. It never was fanfiction. Nasu Kinoko personally asked Urobuchi Gen to write a prequel to F/SN. You are probably confusing this with Fate/Strange Fake by NisiOisiN, which is a fanfic novel. It is not canon, though.

    • Riyoga says:

      Hmm, I tried scrounging up what information I could when writing this and got quite a bit of different information. I pretty much went with what I saw the most. Since you actually took the time to comment, I assume you’re correct with your information. Most people seemed to think Gen wrote it first, THEN he was asked to make it into a novel. Though you’re right, maybe I was retarded and got the information mixed up with Fate/Strange Fake somehow. I’m not a hardcore TypeMoon fan, so I had to look everything up.

      Anyways, I’ll edit that bit. Thanks for letting me know.

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