Preview: Shinryaku?! Ika Musume


I didn’t even sleep last night. I spent a good chunk of time catching up on anime because I fell behind, though I still have a bit to ago. The rest of my time was spent just lounging around doing nothing. This may seem like I’m harming myself for no real reason, but I have to fix my sleep schedule which got out of wack over the weekend.

Though it helps that one of my classes got cancelled for today. I’ll probably use that time to take a quick nap.

Also, I’m not doing so hot in Calculus II. This does not bode well. Though I would be doing better if Calculus was PRACTICAL AT ALL. Math has just become a bunch of formula memorization with no substance behind it. It’s retarded.

Not much to say, because this is a sequel. Though normally I’d say “if you liked the first season, blahblahblah,” I can’t really say that here. The show seems to have a slightly different feel to it this season, no doubt due to the change in director.

As I said in my impressions post for this season, I was worried the director change would harm the show, and it seemed like that fear came true. The first two episodes of this second season were enjoyable, but they weren’t exactly good, either.

However, this third episode restored hope in me. It was a lot funnier than the first two, except for the last part, which wasn’t really aiming for humor, so to speak. I really liked the first two segments, regardless.snap2

I’m somewhat glad, because I like it when my “three episodes before dropping anything” mindset is proven to be effective.

Not much else to say, besides that I hope the show continues the humor the third episode had. As long as they do that, all should be right with the world.snap3

And Chizuru is still as frightening as ever.

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