Preview: C³


My bad on the little delay for this post, I had some homework I needed to do that I forgot about. Whoops. And then when I wanted to start writing this post, lo and behold, Java tells me it has updates.

But not only was Java 6 updated, but Java 7 was released. So I had to get the JRE and JDK downloads for both. …And also the x86 and x64 versions. So eight downloads on my school’s slow Internet later, I’m now writing this.

I was going to take the time to refute all of the standard and expected “HURRDURR SHANA CLONE” claims that pop up about at least one show per season and which are directed at C³ right now, but I’m not even going to bother because I covered the flawed mentality of comparing shows based on an oversimplified synopsis in an editorial. So instead I’ll just cover the basics of the show.

C³ is being done by Silver Link, whose only other show is the Baka Test series. They branched off of Shaft (I accidentally mistyped that as “shit” before I changed that. Subconscious  leaking through? Except that I like Shaft…), so they have the same animation quirk to them in that they play around with their presentation more than other studios usually do.snap2

Though while Shaft tend to go for the more “what the hell is going on I don’t remember taking LSD” side of it, Silver Link likes to be more artsy about it. Mainly in how they present colors. A lot of the time the show will just have random beams of light coming from somewhere that look very pretty. Well, I guess not all of them are random, but a good chunk of them seemed to be. And though they are still random, they’re pretty to look at.

As for the basics of the plot, the main character has his dad send him a cube that glows at him upon stroking it (see picture above). Turns out the cube is actually a girl, and wacky hijinks ensue~.

Well, except for the murderous bloodlust that starts at the end of the second episode.snap3

Just as Fear herself is, it seems the show is bipolar about it’s setting. On the one hand it’s Fear being an alien-cube thing and not knowing stuff causes hilarious events to happen (the cleaning scene in the first episode was actually pretty hilarious), but on the other hand, it has murderous rampage Fear and fights to the death and torture and such.

If the show tries to go for the best of both worlds, I’m not sure I’ll be too happy about it. It should either go for one or the other. Or, more impressively, have one compliment or lead into the other. If it did that, I’d be pretty impressed.

But for now, the show works. It needs to do more to be truly standout, but it definitely has the potential to do so.

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