Preview: I Don’t Have Many Friends


EDIT: So I may have been retarded and put the posting time as 10:00pm. Maybe.

Anyways, I’m so happy that it’s Thursday. I think I did well on my Calc II quiz, too, so that makes me happy. Then again quizzes are only 10% of our grade while each test is 20% each so I shouldn’t be counting my chickens just yet. I’m still pretty screwed.

In other news, October is almost over, and I have some stuff planned for November that don’t necessarily have to do with the blog itself, so I’ll post some kind of site update within the next few days.

The first thing you may notice is that I Don’t Have Many Friends looks a lot like Denpa Onna. The reason for that is that the same guy does the light novel art for both of them. I’m not sure if he also did the art for the manga versions, but oh well.snap2

Moving onto the show itself, there seems to be a decently large fanservice aspect to it that repulses me more than usual. Maybe it’s because the show is actually capable of being funny when it wants to be, so I feel like the fanservice just degrades it.

I know the premise doesn’t have much to go off of, but since it can be funny that really shouldn’t matter. I don’t know. As I said, for some reason the fanservice in this show irritates me more than most shows. I guess because most shows that have it use it as their selling point, or they don’t think they’re good enough without it, but this show really doesn’t need it.

And don’t even get me started on the third episode.snap3


Yes, I Don’t Have Many Friends, I get it, Sena has large boobs. I understood that the first three times you showed that in the first episode. You don’t have to keep doing it. The number of times the camera conveniently lowered to show her jugs were too many to count. It wasn’t even trying to be discreet about it, either. They were literally the only things in the camera shot. It’s almost getting to the point where I can’t tell if the man characters are Yozora, Sena, and Kodaka, or if it’s Sena’s boobs.

Also, that “plot twist” at the end, blegh. So Yozora is actually Kodaka’s childhood friend, but he doesn’t remember it? Gee, how original. It’s only a subplot of nearly every eroge in existence. It also seemed a bit forced, considering Yozora seemed eager for him to remember, yet made no effort whatsoever to be his friend before he stumbled upon her talking to herself. It doesn’t make sense. Maybe they’ll be able to explain it, but I doubt it.

So right now I Don’t Have Many Friends is pretty low on my radar right now. I’ll continue to watch it if it can continue to be funny, but please tone down the fanservice (or, you know, get rid of it) and stop putting in stupid plot twists.

Oh, by the way, did anybody notice a common theme in this show with creepy background characters?snap4

First that stalker following Kodaka around, and now this. There may have been more I missed, too. Either the animator is trolling, or it was a case of derp animation as most characters look strange from a distance. I’m not so sure though, because the guy never moved. Normally with background people they have them doing something, but this guy just stood there, being creepy. Did the actual employee leave when he wasn’t supposed to and just left a cardboard cut-out? We may never know.

Oh well; at least Kodaka has a kawaii imouto.snap5

Too bad it’s probably not real heterochromia iridium and is probably just a colored contact lens.

2 Comments on “Preview: I Don’t Have Many Friends”

  1. Ritsuioko23 says:

    The boobs are the main character obviously XD. wow that is kind of creepy… Hmm

    • Riyoga says:

      Now I’m going to watch the rest of the show assuming her boobs are the main characters. I think I’ll have too much fun with the review.

      By creepy, I’m not sure if you’re referring to her boobs, or that one store employee. I guess it doesn’t matter because it’s true for both.

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