Preview: Future Diary


Only three more previews to do this season, if you don’t include this one. I’m hoping to finish before November, but it may slip a bit into next month. We’ll see what happens.

Other than that I still have to write up my seasonal awards for summer, which will probably come after these previews. I’m hoping to release one post a day until I get these all out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something decided wreck that plan. It happens way too often to me.

Well, Future Diary sure made one hell of an entrance, eh? Everyone was complaining ahead of time about how Asread wasn’t going to do a good job with Future Diary because they’ve only made bad shows. This is the part where I get to feel arrogant and remind everyone that a studio’s (or author’s) work can vary a lot between different projects, so there’s no point labeling them in black or white.snap2

Future Diary is a psychological thriller, a genre I wish we saw more in anime. Then again everything could always use more psychological thrillers; it’s one of my favorite genres. The plot is pretty simple: a bunch of future diary owners out to murder each other to win the right to take over as God of Time and Space. But while the plot is simple, it’s been unpredictable. Unlike Kamisama Dolls which didn’t have any real plot established and was unpredictable, the unpredictability of Future Diary works a lot better. There’s no sense of detachment since you know what the ultimate goal being worked towards is.

It also has Yuno, the queen of the yanderes. I had heard tales of her before the show started from manga readers, and so far she’s been living up to the stories. Not everyone would automatically associate Japanese schoolgirls with psychotic people that don’t even flinch at the thought of killing, but this show might just do that to everyone that’s watching.snap3

Future Diary reminds me of Death Note in a way. It has people out to kill each other who don’t know each other’s identities, with the ability to be a god on the line. Though obviously there are differences, mainly the number of people involved in the game. It doesn’t stop it from being interesting as hell to see what happens next.

Without a doubt, Future Diary is one of the top shows this season.


6 Comments on “Preview: Future Diary”

  1. Ritsuioko23 says:

    Wow then I better watch it! That’s what your good at I guess. I like you.

  2. inuhanyou says:

    Non manga readers are in for a wild ride

  3. Me too then. Anyway, this series does look pretty appealing and interesting but it seems that it could be another series that the true objective of telling its story is just a bit out of grasp. I would love to be proven wrong though.

    • Riyoga says:

      Honestly, even if it’s just mindless fun, I’d be okay with it. The only thing with taking the mainstream fiction route rather than literary fiction is that the excitement and enjoyment of the plot needs to make up for that. So far, it’s doing exceptionally well.

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