Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – Episode 4


I was going to do my preview for Guilty Crown, but then Eclipse released Shana so lol priorities. Anyways, not sure why I didn’t always include these episode title pictures for each episode. Oh well, I’ll start doing so.

Also, I had a hunch that something like this was going to happen. Seems like Eclipse is going with the name “Serpent of the Altar,” whereas novel readers have forever been saying “Snake of the Festival.” Or “Sairei no Hebi” (I think that’s how it’s spelled) if you’re a gigantic weaboo. Curious to see the response to this from novel readers.

For the record, I’ll be going with Snake of the Festival. This is because translated text is almost always more accurate than translated speech. Japanese is tricky in that you can pronounce the same thing multiple ways or two different words the same way, whereas writing doesn’t usually have that problem. Anyways, I’m just assuming the novel readers have the translation correct. If it turns out that ‘altar’ makes more sense than ‘festival’ then I’ll switch.

Again, I think I’ll start off this post talking about other impressions I’m reading around. Partially because I like to think my opinion is more correct than other people’s, and also because it helps me strengthen my argument in favor of the show against all the haters.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people are saying this was the best episode so far. I’m not saying that’s wrong or anything, some important stuff happened and was revealed. But what I had a problem with was the way a lot of people worded their reasoning for why this episode was the best one so far.

It almost seemed like people only cared about the fights in Shana.

I mean, I like the fights too, but one thing I’ve always been curious about was why I actually enjoyed the first half of the second season, yet virtually nobody else did. And you know, I think I found out why.

Shana has, and will always be, a very dramatic series.

Do you guys remember the first season’s cliffhangers? Or how the second half of the second season had nearly every episode end in an overly dramatic cliffhanger? Shana has always had a lot of drama in it. Whether that drama is taking place in the school setting or in fights, it’s always heavily character-orientated. So if you can’t get into the characters and setting, then it just kind of loses you. You need to be able to enjoy the show past when it’s just flames and swords flying everywhere. It’s just like a any other TV show; if you don’t genuinely care about the characters or how the plot progresses, then even at the show’s highest points you won’t be fazed (at least not significantly).

But enough of my ranting, I should write about the episode.snap2

I said before some important stuff happened, and the biggest one was probably the revelation of what Silver really was. Margery pretty much lost her will to live. Or, err, to not live? Flame Haze are kind of spirits, so I guess losing your will to live just kills you. After all, except for Shana, Flame Haze are born from an extreme hatred of Crimson Denizens/Guze no Tomogara, so if you no longer have that hatred, then it makes sense that you’d cease to exist, right?snap3

Other than that, the only other big things that happened were due to the confrontation between Shana and Yuji/Snake of the Festival. I especially liked the confrontation when Yuji told Shana that he wanted to be with her and she was torn between being happy about it but deeply upset that he was telling her now, when (at least for her) it was too late to do anything about their feelings. It was dramatic, practically soap opera status, but as I was saying before, that’s what I like most about the show I suppose.

We also got to hear Yuji’s/Snake of the Festival’s plan. Or maybe it was just part of it, I don’t know. Basically, he’s starting a war to end a war. As ironic as that sounds, I suppose his war doesn’t involve innocent bystanders (or maybe it does, we don’t know the details yet). He sees the only permanent way to protect everyone he cares about is to end the eternal war between the Crimson Denizens/Guze no Tomogara and the Flame Haze. That way random innocents don’t get eaten, and also so he can change Shana’s fate of being a tool until she burns out and dies (we finally found out what he meant in the first episode).

From here on out, we’ll probably see what Yuji/Snake of the Festival has in mind for what to do, and then we’ll see that plan take place. As the opening showed, this will clearly lead to an all-out war. So we finally know the two questions we have for this finale. First, who’s going to win this war and how will it be resolved? And second, and maybe more importantly to fans, will Shana and Yuji be able to finally live happily together? With a war approaching, absolutely anything can happen.snap4

Also, just a side note, I really liked the way this part was animated/directed. How Shana had nearly won, but then Yuji/Snake of the Festival unleashed more power and easily won. Yuji/Snake of the Festival is still extremely reluctant to hurt Shana unless absolutely necessary, and that scene showed it well.


19 Comments on “Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – Episode 4”

  1. feal87 says:

    Why am I unable to take Yuuji seriously with that idiotic haircut?! :P

  2. Ritsuioko23 says:

    Always thought this series was overly cliche but I might try it out.

    • Riyoga says:

      Eh, I wouldn’t say Shana is cliche. If anything it’s overly dramatic; but as I said, if you can get into it, it’s good stuff.

      If anything about it is cliche, it’s that it spawned a bunch of cliches because a bunch of authors tried to copy it. Tsunderes didn’t become insanely popular until after Shana.

  3. eterychan says:

    Yeah. Shana is the only tsundere-loli that I approve.
    There are some before her, and many after her.
    But she’s definitely the starter.
    I don’t mind the long hair, but don’t you guys think his body proportion looks weird in “Sairei no Hebi” form? It looks like he’s shortened. The body length – arms length – legs length make me tilt my head….

    • Riyoga says:

      Hmm… I occasionally thought I noticed that, too. Then again, I remember Yuji not being too much taller than Shana, so I kind of shrugged it off. I think it may just be the camera angles screwing with us.


    • Riyoga says:

      About damn time. Funimation announced this like 2-3 weeks ago. Hopefully this won’t be a “3-day-late-simulcast” kind of deal. If it’s on time, I’ll get to watch Shana nice and early.

      But I’ll still have to wait for a fansub release to get nice pictures.

      • I didn’t think it would interrupt your plans much but I think it’s awesome news and it’s an overdue treatment from the parties involved in online streaming.

        • Riyoga says:

          Oh definitely. Not to mention official translations are the best choice for this show. I mean I like some lines Eclipse did more than Funi and vice versa, but there seemed to be a lot more clarity overall in Funi’s version.

  4. Anyway, I finally watched the episode and thought it was pretty good. I’ve been delaying a lot of series and watching them in 2-4 episode blocks at a time (helps me keep track of everything a bit better). The action and drama were equally balanced but like you said, that only matters if someone is as invested in the characters as they should be. I still think the pacing is a bit off and that they’re rushing through quite a bit but I guess I’d rather have that than have it slowly creep along. Though if the series is only 12 episodes than I guess they have to squeeze a lot in more than they did in the first two series.

    • Riyoga says:

      They’re actually confirmed for at least 24 episodes. Ball is still in the air if it’ll be 24 episodes or 26, though.

      And I actually compared which novels the episodes covered, and if they use the same number of episodes for each volume as they have so far, they actually won’t finish in time.

      Episodes 1-4 covered novel 16. There are 22 novels in total, so at 24 episodes, that’d cover 6 novels: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21. Obviously they’ll use a different number of episodes to cover each novel, though. In fact, unless they’re just screwing with the order of things (which is entirely possible), they just covered novel 17 with episode 5 alone.

  5. I just saw that ANN has it slated for 12 while Wikipedia has it down for 24 but it only makes sense not to rule anything out at this point.

    • Janelle says:

      12??? Come on, there’s a lot of things that happened in the novels! They can’t squeeze it in 12 episode only!

      • Riyoga says:

        It’s not really a matter of how much stuff happened in the novels, so much as what their budget is.

        I’m willing to bet that since they’ve been building up to this season and such, it’ll get at least 24 episodes. Plus the other seasons also got at least 24, so odds are they’ll go for consistency.

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