Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – Episode 5 & Episode 6


No point beating around the bush, lets get started. I have a homework assignment I completely forgot about to do real fast after this.

I guess it’s actually a good thing it got to the point that I needed to cover these two episodes at once, considering they were pretty low-key episodes. There was obviously some important stuff in each that’s helping to build towards the big bad finale, but it’s not as blatant about it as episode 4 was.snap3

The important event for episode 5 was Bal Masque organizing a meeting for their battle plans and such. No consensus was reached (I believe), but at least we know they’re planning for the big fight and such.

That fish thing showed up at the meeting, too. Seeing as how he gets a nice chunk of the screen for himself in the OP compared to the other Crimson Denizens/Guze no Tomogara, he’ll probably serve a more important role later on.

Though speaking of notable characters showing up, Lamies (I have no idea why Eclipse insist that it’s Ramies; the Japanese may have trouble with their “r”s, but not this badly) also decided to appear. Seeing as how he’s on Yuuji’s side for this war, that says quite a bit. He’s been shown to be a very wise person, so Yuuji must be doing something right.snap4

There was also the rape struggle scene between Yuuji and Shana. I’m still not entirely sure on the reason why Yuuji reacted the way he did, though I see there’s two possibilities: either he was surprised/upset because Shana has never pulled away or been afraid of him before (remember, he’s expecting her to side with him on this whole war deal); or it was due to something Yuuji mentioned himself, that Shana seemed out of character since she’s never backed down from an enemy before.

And now onto episode 6.snap5

Episode 6 was really just about Keisaku chilling getting captured at Outlaw’s Tokyo branch. Eventually he escapes with the help of a lovely Flame Haze that we’ve seen in both the OP and ED… whose name I forget and am too lazy to look up. For some reason Rebecca comes to mind, but that’d be an odd name for someone at the branch in Tokyo.

It ends with them leaving the place together, with her going to Wilhelmina and Keisaku heading to Margery. Wilhelmina is also preparing to go rescue Shana, so something tells me the episodes are about to get pretty explosive.

Oh and there was a ridiculously long scene of Shana giving a monologue while taking a bath and standing out of it, naked. Can this be the last bit of fanservice, please? It seemed way too forced. I know I think at my best while taking a shower, too, but this went on for way too long.

Anyways, that was a quick wrap-up of the last two episodes. Now we just have to wait eagerly to see what Hecate wants with Shana…


10 Comments on “Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – Episode 5 & Episode 6”

  1. Son Gohan says:

    The name is Rebecca Reed. It seems that there is a lack of Japanese Flame Hazes, LOL. If you think about it, Margery and Wilhelmina are foreigner too.
    My problem with this season of Shana is that all these Flame Hazes and their Crimson Lords with their weird titles are introduced only to be used as cannon fodder later on (like the Shanghai woman in episode 5). At least they made Rebecca instantly likable.

    • Riyoga says:

      That’s true. Not to mention we have no idea where Shana is from, though she’s probably also a foreigner. The dude’s name was like, Frieder, too, so that means he’s German or something. I agree, seems like Japan got screwed over as far as Flame Haze population goes.

      I don’t think they’re meant to be anything more than cannon fodder, though. Kind of like how the start of the second episode had that one Chinese Flame Haze get killed. We weren’t supposed to be sympathetic or anything, it was just to show Bal Masque wiping out that branch and give us an idea of how well they’re doing overall.
      If I recall my spoilers correctly, only characters that have been established already or ones being established well (like Rebecca) will be doing anything significant in the upcoming events.

  2. Shit’s about get real.

  3. Janelle says:

    Shana’s more or less Japanese, or perhaps she’s from Hong Kong since she was found by Wilhelmina as a baby. More or less, the Tendokyuu stayed where Wilhelmina found Shana in the first place. I wonder why Shana never asked Wilhelmina or Alastor where she was from.

    Either way, their introducing a shitload of characters right now. It’s getting a bit confusing to keep up with them. I mean, Sophie Sawallisch is getting more cameos, and there’s Rebecca Reed, Ernest Flieder, Fecor is back, Dantalion (that fishy dragon thingy) and Samuel Demantius (the one with the scar). And there’s heaps of Crimson Denizens at that meeting. What’s more when it comes to naming them, their names are complex, not to mention that the Flame Hazes themselves get titles.

    • Riyoga says:

      Well, Shana used to be the kind of person who didn’t really care about anything besides being a Flame Haze. Maybe in her current state of mind that’s something she’d ask them about.

      I’m willing to bet we’ll only need to know Sophie and Rebecca on a first-name basis. The other characters are probably just going to wind up as cannon fodder anyways. Or they won’t die, but we just won’t ever see them ever again except for a few flashes during fighting. We’ll see.

  4. The fish name is Decarabia and he is an] powerful Lord who serves as Supreme Commander for the various armies engaged in the war of the Snake of the Festival.

    • Riyoga says:

      Thanks for the info. The newest episodes helped show that so I’m already aware of this info, but it’s still nice that people are willing to help people understand what’s going on.

  5. Gho says:

    Lol rape scene…
    I was getting my hopes up when shana fell onto the bed. Meh..

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