Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – Episode 7


Woah, the picture uploader changed. Hopefully it won’t screw around with the usual formatting and such. If it does, I’ll tweak it around later.

I just finished reading Revan the other day. It was alright, but it was too obvious the point of the book was just to connect the dots of the story for The Old Republic. In that regard, it does a pretty good job, but for people who wanted their questions about Revan answered got kind of hit by the door on the way out. It answers some of the more important questions (what happened when Malak and Revan met the Emperor, where Revan’s mask went, what the rest of the Ebon Hawk crew was up to, etc), but the end was so anticlamctic that the ad at the end for the upcoming game was almost insulting. “Here’s answers to your questions, but here’s some more questions you’ll only find the answer to in the game.”

I dunno. I still enjoyed it, and I’m still gonna enjoy the shit out of the game, but it felt like a bit of a cop-out.

My oh my, was this an eventful episode of Shana. I have more screencaps than usual, which confirms that.snap2

First up was the fight between Hecate and Shana. Though maybe calling it a fight isn’t exactly right. After all, Shana couldn’t really fight back in her current state. Though it was funny that of the three heads (besides Yuuji/Snake of the Festival), Hecate was the one to fight Shana. Usually she’s the docile one.snap3

We also got to see a portion of Yuuji’s/Snake of the Festival’s plan. Looks like the first step is to regain Snake’s old body.

That makes me curious as to how he escaped the Abyss in the first place. That means he either managed to get himself sealed into the Reiji Maigo, or he communicated to Yuuji through the dimensions or something. Perhaps we’ll find out later. After all, they have to return after getting Snake’s body.snap4

Meanwhile, we also had Lamies checking out whatever massive spell or whatever they’re working on. I assume that’s what it is and why they asked him to show up; the dude is a master of Unrestricted Spells.

The whole talk about the “Tyrants” was kind of confusing to keep up with, though I think I get it now. You just have to remember that the “Silver” they interacted with last season wasn’t actually him, since we now know the Silver’s true identity/meaning. I assume that was the “Tyrant” they were referring to. I just don’t remember there being a second one. Unless that’s what they’re building? Maybe it’ll get more of an explanation later on.snap5

We also got to see the return of Khamsin, and with him we got his backstory. I enjoyed it since it brought back up the negatives that come with being/becoming a Flame Haze. This almost seems to be a recurring theme throughout the season. Yuuji/Snake of the Festival has mentioned it more than once.

Khamsin and Yoshida also talked about love and Yuuji and such, but I didn’t care, because fuck Yoshida. I don’t hate her because I think Yuuji and Shana should be together (well… I do, but it’s not a reason why I hate her), I hate her because she’s worthless. She always angsts about how she can’t do anything, and how they’re in a totally different world then her, but then thinks up some retarded logic to keep trying. It’s not the enthusiasm I hate, it’s the blinding stupidity of her sacrificing her normal life and occasionally putting herself in danger to try and be with him. It’s not admirable, it’s retarded. “I’LL SACRIFICE EVERYTHING THAT MEANS TO BE ME TO BE WITH YOU.” It’s fucking Twilight all over again. Except without the whole “male lead is a creepy stalker” deal.

…Well, actually…snap6

Speaking of creepy stalker, you’re getting a little creepy there, Yuuji. There were two scenes in this episode where you went into total Creeper Mode. At least it was only due to how your face looked. It’s not like you opened the door quietly to get a peek at Shana in her dress/changing into her dress or anything. But still, lay off the creeper faces, dude. Especially considering both of them involved looking RIGHT at the camera/screen/whatever, it even made me a bit uncomfortable.

Then again, maybe that’s what they were going for? Hmm, very clever, J.C. Staff. Is Yuuji descending into madness? Only time well tell.snap7

And speaking of Shana in her dress, it was absolutely fabulous. Lovely, even.

…I don’t really have anything else to say, I just really liked the dress. It was almost as good as that outfit from the parade in the second season. What was she? Dorothy? Little Red Riding Hood? I forget, but that was my absolute favorite dress. This is a close second. Shortly followed by her black cloak and getup from the first few episodes of the first season. Except that’s not a dress. Maybe I should have just said “outfits.”snap8

And how about that ending? Yuuji/Snake of the Festival rallying up that Crimson Denizen/Guze no Tomogara army before going off to find his body was pretty intense. Especially the music. My god was that music sending chills down my spine. I may have another soundtrack that I need to get.

So, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a war about to break loose. Not that it’s surprising, but the season has so far been building up to this. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if the next episode is mild in terms of action and instead mainly focuses on Wilhelmina trying to bust Shana out. Either way, next episode should be pretty damn interesting.snap9

I don’t actually have anything to say about this pic, I just thought Feal would like it, hehe.
So Feal, how about trying to find a nice wallpaper of Shana in her outfit from this episode to put in your post, eh? *Nudge* *nudge*, *wink* *wink*.


5 Comments on “Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – Episode 7”

  1. Like I said, this episode just kept throwing things at me but all the while I found it extremely fascinating, riveting even. I, of course, haven’t read the novels and therefore understand very little but like most anime I get into, I find myself caring for what happens to everyone in the end.

    Didn’t understand a lick about the fight between Hecate and Shana, the Tyrant business and of course am left surprised, but even more intrigued, by Yuuji’s growing creepiness. I thought the insert story told by Khamsin was pretty cool and felt that more of that type of narrative would be helpful in understanding the history of SNS and what’s ultimately at stake. It’s a shame you really don’t know much about either side given that they’re about to start a full-scare war that will apparently decide the fate of the world(s).

    The speech at the end was very evocative considering it was given by a very effeminate yet awkwardly forceful (in regards to his intentions, especially with Shana) host to a Crimson Lord. The funny thing is that for all his gawkiness I’ve always been a supporter of Yuuji mastering his abilities and figuring out his place in the world. Plus, I’m not an admirer of fan service but the stuff featured in SNS completely sucks; give me Wilhelmina at least!

    Uh, I don’t mean to come off as verbose, and depressed by the show but the other two series had much better plot structure and editing. The show does have a lot of time to improve and actually start telling a story too.

    Anyway, thus far I do feel a little discouraged by the pacing of the show but sometimes as an anime fan, you’re able to put aside a good deal to witness the resolution of a long story.

    • Riyoga says:

      No need to worry about being verbose, ’tis the home of ramblers. Plus, I love reading other opinions.

      I think Hecate was just jealous of Shana. She blushed when confronted by Snake, after all. Perhaps he’s the only person that can cause her to stop being docile.

      Seeing as how the Shana series has always been one for exposition, I feel like the history of SNS and the plot for this season will be unveiled in due time. It’s true they’ve been kind of stringing us along, but they’re allowed to do that since both they and we know this is the finale. After all, we have yet to hear what Yuuji/Snake of the Festival’s full plan is, and he’s mentioned that it’ll change the truths of the world, which means we’ll kind of have to be told what those are before he can change them.

      J.C. Staff have definitely been teasing us this whole season, but I don’t doubt we’ll get the answers we’re seeking eventually. Probably at the most dramatic of moments, knowing this series.

      • I did notice everyone’s action to the confrontation between Hecate and Shana but again it was something that went unexplained and leaves us with the simplest of assumptions. I just don’t want to see all the answers to be given so recklessly. I want there to be a decent build-up to the climax, not this crazy roller coaster pace it’s at now.

  2. eterychan says:

    Hecate was just acting brat-like, borrowing Sydonay and Bel-Peol’s name when she’s the one who’s jealous and want to get rid of Shana. It’s amusing that Shana can’t understand that, too. :-)
    Everyone seem to be fond of Shana’s new dress and hairstyle, though. It’s really cute! Too bad the preview for next episode is ruined by Granny’s horrible face. Haha.

    • Riyoga says:

      Hecate is acting pretty childish for once. Seems like Snake’s presence is doing this to her.

      Oh that outfit was absolutely lovely. Makes me want to rewatch the episode, hehe.

      Hey, for an old granny, Sophie is pretty attractive. Not in an, “I’ma tap dat ass” sort of way, but still.

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