Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!

To all of you celebrating some kind of holiday, I hope it’s a blast!

To those of you not celebrating any holidays, enjoy the time off from work/school!

If you get neither of those… well then continue to live life!

As I said on my Twitter, I won’t be posting tomorrow due to Christmas and all. I should be able to get the post out the day after, but no promises. For all I know one of my friends could get something badass (like a portal gun or a real life Pokémon), and then my attention will be elsewhere. We’ll see.

Regardless of what happens, Shana and I wish you a very happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!wallpaper8


5 Comments on “Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!”

  1. Just finished Mawaru Penguindrum and while it ended weaker than I expected, I really enjoyed the series overall.

    • Riyoga says:

      I wasn’t watching the show, but I may get around to it eventually. I have too large of a backlog, and that’s not even including the multiple shows from this season I’m practically 10 episodes behind on.

      • Tell me about. There are plenty of shows I never got around to watching this year but this one I really stuck with and enjoyed. It honestly might be my favorite of the year.

        I’m a sucker for psychedelic, metaphoric narratives.

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