Intermission: The Unheld Celebration

We interrupt your normally scheduled previews for a special announcement!

As you all know, us anime bloggers have a nice community about us. Some circles are occasionally made between some people, but it usually isn’t hard for new bloggers to enter that circle. We all know each other to some degree, but obviously some will be more well-known amongst each other than others.

Where the hell am I going with this? Well, as some of you may or may not know, Marina of Anime B&B started blogging around the same time I did (early January 2011), however, her one-year anniversary and January itself has passed with absolutely no celebration post! Nor even a passing comment about it!

This is unacceptable. You think I’m going to let you have a year’s worth of blogging go by without allowing yourself the brief pat on the back for making it this far? NOPE.

So here’s the deal, I want all of you readers, lurkers, random passers-by, and even Google bots, (so, about three people in total) to head over to Anime B&B (or her Twitter) right now and congratulate her for making it this far. Even if you’ve never been to her blog before, you should go and do it. You can even do it on her most recent episodic (and can comment on the episodic itself too, while you’re at it).

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve met some cool people, but the three people who undoubtedly helped push me further into the actual anime blogging community itself were Marina, trzr23 (who celebrated his blog’s one-year anniversary a few months ago), and Nadja (who is maybe, hopefully coming back soon?).

Thanks guys, you’re the kind of people who help make blogging worthwhile.

Now seriously, go congratulate Marina.


10 Comments on “Intermission: The Unheld Celebration”

  1. Marina says:

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, what?! What is this?! I click on this all curious about the title only to find that it’s a post about me? My dear Riyoga, I am both baffled and flattered >.<

    I guess I looked over the 1-year anniversary thing because I'm not as active as I would like to be, and feel a bit shy about calling attention to myself when I find anime far more interesting! Or maybe I was playing with the notion of sticking it out for three years then doing a in-yo-face kinda post in commemoration of Scamp's aniblogger longevity test :p

    Thanks, Riyoga, for noticing and for making me feel special. I really do hope you stick to it and keep watching anime and writing about it. Your voice, too, is one of my favorites to listen to (I was sad to see Nadja's lack of updates), and I would like to see it stay alive!

    • Riyoga says:

      Alas, my call to arms seems to have so far been ineffective. :[

      Come on, there’s no problem with taking the time to give yourself a pat on the back for reaching the occasional goal line. While fun, blogging takes a lot of energy, and I’ve found taking the effort to congratulate myself on big achievements helps revitalize my blogging desires even further.

      But anyways, you’re welcome. Oh, and don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. Even if I was, it would probably be something temporary that I’d let people know about. It’s hard for me to even imagine watching anime without writing about it somewhere anymore.

  2. feal87 says:

    wait, both of you started around my time as well! congratulations!

    • Riyoga says:

      Awww yeah! Join in on the celebration with us, Feal!

      See, now if you had forgotten to write a one-year anniversary post, I may have written one of these for you!

  3. I fulfilled my duty as one of Riyoga’s minions.

  4. TRazor says:

    That’s like forgetting your birthday…

    That’s like so… moe :3

    Blog on, fellow bloggers.

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