Preview: Listen to Me Girls, I Am Your Father!


So, how about them Giants?

Before anyone says anything, I know I said I wouldn’t be posting on Sundays or Tuesdays, but I feel bad for not putting anything out over the weekend (since I actually did have time, but then I got the first volume of Star Driver on Blu-ray in the mail and was distracted), so I felt like putting out something small.

Though I am also partially motivated to finish off my backlog because I got an idea for an editorial that I really like, but I told myself I wouldn’t put out anything “new” until my backlog is handled. This is usually because I save editorials to be posts inbetween previews and reviews and such.

Alright, lets get straight to the question everyone was thinking before the season started: is this the next Bunny Drop?

Short answer: Yes and no.

Long answer?…snap2

This show isn’t pedobait. Well, at least so far it isn’t. It does have a bit habit of focusing on underwear occasionally (and by occasionally I mean a bit in the OP, and maybe two times in the four episodes out so far), but I’m willing to chalk that up more to the studio, feel, having a bad habit of this kind of thing. After all, they’re the same studio who did Fortune Arterial, Kiss x Sis, and are still doing the Kiss x Sis OVA.

Alright, maybe one of those scenes was most likely in the novel to begin with, but I’m somewhat reluctantly giving it a pass because I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt in that the scene was for the purpose of developing/giving us a better understanding of the character. Plus, like I said, it was only one scene.

But anyways, moving past that, why is it like Bunny Drop, yet not? Well, we’re still dealing with someone who has suddenly become a father, and has to deal with all the negatives and positives that come along with it. While Bunny Drop was more of a perspective of into how the troubles of parenting are worth it, this show is more of a message saying that no matter how tough it gets, it’s important for family to stuck together. Of course, the show assumes you’re retarded so it has to, quite literally, say that’s the message itself a few times. While somewhat condescending, at least there’s a message at all, right?snap3

The major reason as to what makes it differ from Bunny Drop, though, is the way in which the atmosphere feels. While Bunny Drop was a show about coming into parenthood, this show uses it as more of a setting or a set piece. It’ll disappoint some people, but it allows it more flexibility this way. It has some cute moments, usually with Hina; it has some funny moments, mainly with the main character’s love interest; etc. While Bunny Drop was restricted with what it could do due to being about coming into parenthood (not that being restricted is necessarily a bad thing), this show can still have the parenting themes/messages while also taking the time to run an entirely comedic scene with the Yakkety Sax-ish BGM playing.

The only real problems with the show is the worry about fanservice degrading it to pedobait, which it has managed to avoid so far (don’t even think about it, feel), and the fact that one of the girls is romantically interested in the main character. It’s not really too much of a thing to get worked up over, though, considering they aren’t blood-related at all (main character’s sister married the guy when he already had two kids from someone else), along with a few other points. It worried me at the beginning of the fourth episode when she rolled over into his section of the sleeping mat and was sleeping while latched onto him, but they handled it well and countered that scene at the end of the episode, when, when she did it yet again and even said in her sleep that she loved him, he simply smiled and rolled her back over onto her own portion of the mat before going to sleep himself.

I could argue how being asleep doesn’t make you act out your unconscious desires, but oh well.

The show definitely has heart, lets just hope that’s where the bloodflow stays, rather than moving to its pants.

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