Current Thoughts on Winter Shows

Well this was certainly a strange week. I think this is the first time I couldn’t manage to think up a topic for an editorial. It’s not even that I’m out of ideas, I sporadically come up with topics all the time; it’s just that for some reason, I was drawing a complete blank. Even some of the topics I wrote down were just… there. I couldn’t think of any ways to flesh them out or talk about them in any way more than “this is the topic, and I agree with it”.

So, instead, I (finally) decided to just type up my thoughts on the shows I’m watching this season. Not the most thought-provoking topic, but eh, at least you can see where I stand on shows. Though I’ll say right now, they haven’t changed all too much from the previews I did.

Also, the TERA beta has started up again for this weekend. It may have also contributed as a bit of a distraction. Maybe.



Episodes Watched: 7 out of 12

Well isn’t that just a pleasant picture to start the post off with? Anyways, Another has continued doing what it always has: being a horror. Some people may say it’s drifting more towards being a mystery, but I still say that the whole “fear of the unknown” is the entire point in regards to Eastern horror. Though admittedly I’m not so sure about the horror entirely focusing on the character, rather than the viewer. It’s more like we’re supposed to understand the main character’s fear than experience the fear ourselves. It’s not a bad direction, but it might be an odd one.


Future Diary

Episodes Watched: 19 out of 26

To mirror my thoughts on Another: Future Diary has continued doing what it always has: being a psychological thriller. The genre has been my favourite in regards to live-action for a while now. I still don’t have a favourite genre in regards to anime, but psychological thriller is definitely a runner. There’s just something so absolutely entertaining about a story that moves quickly with the action, thoughts of characters, and the often life-or-death situations that characters get thrown into. It’s not necessarily mindless fun, even though the genre tends to bend the rules of physics, and sometimes even its own plot for its convenience. I’ll be sitting here waiting for the finale like everyone else… is what I would say, if I hadn’t been a gigantic knob and read the manga a few episodes ago. Now I’m just sitting here to watch it be animated, and see everyone else’s reactions. Which, honestly, is just as fun for me.


Inu x Boku SS

Episodes Watched: 6 out of ???

Inu x Boku SS has continued doing… okay, okay, I’ll stop doing that. Though it is true that this show has also had pretty much the same feel to it throughout. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing; one of the most important things for a show is to remain consistent. Some shows manage to branch out from themselves successfully, but it’s not a requirement or anything. Getting back to Inu x Boku SS though, you still have your great humor, your occasional pandering to shoujo tropes, etc. I’d mention which characters I like more now, but honestly it seems like I like every character more whenever they get screen time. That is a big compliment.


Listen to Me Girls, I Am Your Father!

Episodes Watched: 6 out of 12

inb4: “The only way you could possibly still be watching this show is if you’re a paedophile.”

Shut up. If you went into this show measuring it up Bunny Drop in the first place then you’re a bigger knob than I am for reading the Future Diary manga. …Sorry for that outburst. I’m not even really all that angry, it just frustrates me because this is another one of those things where people get the wrong idea due to misplaced expectations. This show was never trying to be the next Bunny Drop, it’s a slaptstick comedy for crying out loud. One that’s grounding itself to reality more than others due to a serious plot point. Dealing with becoming a parent(al figure) is only a small part of the show, while with Bunny Drop it was the show. As I said in my preview, this show has heart, it really does. And it isn’t a great show, but it definitely isn’t a bad one either. If I had to say which side of the line it sat on, I’d easily say it’s closer to the “good” than it is to the “bad”.


Pokémon: Best Wishes!

Episodes Watched: 54 out of ???

Oh yeah, I’m still watching this show, too. I know it isn’t a winter show, but I did say I’d write about “shows I’m watching this season”. Hahaha, loopholes. Anyways, I actually think this season is almost as good as the very first one and that one with Dawn in it, as hard as that may be to believe. I’m not sure why that is, though. Maybe it’s the pacing, maybe it’s because so far Team Rocket has actually been professional, maybe its Dent being absolutely fabulous, maybe it’s Mijumaru being awesome, or maybe it’s all of those things. Whatever it is, I’m enjoying the show even though now I’m behind by like 14 episodes.


Shakugan no Shana III (Final)

Episodes Watched: 20 out of 24

Even though Shana is my favorite show this season year, there isn’t much to say, mainly because it’s the only/last show I’ll be covering episodically. The finale so far has lived up to my expectations… actually, forget that, the show completely blew those out of the water. This has been one of the best seasons I’ve watched of anything ever. It may be too late for people who don’t like Shana to ever come around or give it another shot, but for those of us who are or have always loved it, it’s repaying us in full. With interest!

So that’s all from me. This was pretty easy to write considering the easy load this season was for me. I took a glance at next season’s chart, and it looks like this may have been the first and only time that I’ll have such a light list.

Also, if you’ve been attentive, you may have noticed that even though I said I’d give Kill Me Baby a shot, I didn’t write a preview post, and I also didn’t include it here. That’s because while I did watch the first episode, I was then incredibly indifferent about continuing. And what people say is true, sometimes being indifferent towards a show is worse than hating it. Though admittedly I did watch the episode late at night/early morning when I was really tired. I’m going to watch the second episode and see if that may have influenced my opinion, but I don’t think it did.

I also didn’t write about the Steins;Gate OVA because it would have simply consisted of, “More of what made the TV series so great”.

I promise to be back to more thought-provoking posts next week, okay?


14 Comments on “Current Thoughts on Winter Shows”

  1. My lady loves the sausage.

  2. Also, I have really enjoyed the few episodes of Another that I’ve watched but again, will wait until the show nears it’s end, to marathon it.

    Some naive fool made the comment on the Niconico page of the latest episode of Shana:

    “cue four more episodes of unnecessary and convoluted conversation”

    Apparently he lacks the proper guidance to fully understand the imperative dialogue that comes along with the greatness in said show.

    • Riyoga says:

      I really hope that episode 8 of Another isn’t what the preview made it out to be. That would be horrendous. Otherwise, I’m greatly enjoying it too.

      Oh yeah, I saw that comment. It seems like there’s actually a sizeable chunk of Shana fans that don’t like this new season due to its “sudden change in direction” and such. For shame, this direction in the plot was obvious if they had cared about paying attention to the dialogue. All of that foreshadowing, completely wasted. All because people are just in it for the eye candy of flames and swords everywhere.

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