Spring 2012 Impressions

As I’ve been saying on Twitter, my posting got delayed because I wanted to finish Mass Effect 3 over the weekend so it wouldn’t interfere with me actually going to my classes. I did manage to accomplish this, and I finished at around 6:00am Monday. Talk about cutting it close.
Also, a fairly large chunk of people have been complaining about the endings. I won’t spoil anything, but I don’t understand this at all; I thought the endings were great. I do agree the epilogues (the videos for the endings) were extremely lacking, but the endings were perfectly fine.

Anyways. seeing as how I didn’t get the last seasonal impressions post out until well after the season had started, I figured it’d be a good idea to get this one out nice and early. Plus, starting early is also a good idea, in case I need to spend more than one day on this, seeing as how there’s a whopping 44 shows to write little quips for. Oh boy.

But wait, there’s more! I have something super special in store for the end of the post that involves you readers! It’s something I only just thought up as I was writing those last two paragraphs, even though it doesn’t really have much to do with them (other than being about anime, obviously). What can I say, my mind is just constantly in motion.


Yep, that’s 44 shows right there. This might take a while to get through…


Interesting first show. The plot sounds like your basic action-adventure, but hey, all kinds of crazy stuff could end up happening for all I know. I’ll give the show a chance to prove it knows what it’s doing.

Saint Seiya Omega

If the last show was your basic action-adventure, this is your standard action. It probably isn’t all that standard, though, considering it seems decently well known in Japan. It must have at least had some kind of impression if it’s having a new series after 25 years. However, I don’t get the same feeling of unknown about this show as the last one, so I don’t think I’ll be watching.

Space Bros

So this one seems like the story of trying to achieve your dreams. They even threw in the trope of sharing it with a friend, and the friend managed to achieve it (first). Of course, keep in mind, a trope is not inherently a bad thing, a cliché is. Still, I’m not sure if I want to watch it or not. I suppose I’ll give it a chance, but these kinds of stories have a high rate of boring me if they don’t have anything significant going for them.

Shiba Inuko-san

…The hell is this? Oh, wait, it’s a 4-koma, that kind of explains it. Honestly, this looks incredibly stupid, but for all I know, it could be hilarious. I’ll give it a shot, but as is the case with comedies, if it fails to be funny, almost nothing can redeem it.

Naruto SD: Rock Lee’s Wacky Adventures


Ginga e Kickoff!!

As I’ve said before, shows that mainly focus on a sport don’t really interest me. Pass.


Seeing as how the chart’s synopsis is ever so helpful, I went and found one on my own. I’ll paste it here for you all.

“In a fictional school, “Tender Tank” Rareko is constantly opening absurd yet strangely enthusiastic debates, this way creating a lively classroom life. Bringing up tremendous themes, she and her classmates exchange words like sword-strokes, and here and there even a profound remark is slipped in.

A fun and informative debate comedy, packed into only five minutes each time.”

Debates? Exchanging words like sword-strokes? Occasional profound remarks and funny quips? Has Japan been reading my recent posts? This show sounds like it was tailor-made for me. Calling it right now you guys, this show is gonna be the best show this season. And no, I’m not even being sarcastic. …Alright, maybe a tiny bit, but I’m not kidding that I think this show will be good.

Arashi no Yoru ni

Despite my great amusement at the name of the studio working on this, I don’t find this interesting. Children’s books are fine and all, but I don’t want to watch an anime about them.

Sengoku Collection

I’m curious how you’re supposed to make a show out of a social networking game. Also, the fact that I see nothing but females in the promo art is alarming as to what the content of the show could be. Of course, it could be misleading, but it doesn’t look like the show is going to have any real substance anyways.

Jewelpet Kira¤Deko!

I’m listening to the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack as I write this post. It’s not the best soundtrack ever, but it’s still good stuff. Despite it being full of energy, it’s strangely soothing.

…Oh, right, the show. Well if I wanted what this show had to offer, I’d play Hello Kitty Online instead.

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future

Oh god, this show looks like what would happen if you combined Idolm@ster with the last show. Make it stop!


I skipped the show before this one because it was a digital remastering. That means there’s no new content, therefore it’s not really a new show.

Combining cute girls with guns, and not in the Gunslinger Girl way. Definitely an… interesting concept, but mainly a stupid one. However, it’s going to be shown on NicoNico, which means there’s a good chance of ridiculous and hilarious comments on the video. If this turns out to be the case, I’m definitely watching for the laughs.

Kuroko no Basuke

A second show focusing on a sport? It’s odd for a season to have more than one, but oh well. Needless to say, I’m not interested.

Thomas the Badass Tank Engine

BEST SHOW THIS SEASON. No, I’m joking, this show will probably be stupid. How are they even going to make a story out of this? Well, I mean, the show had (has?) an American cartoon, but that was a silly kids’ show. I don’t even know.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Second Series

What, are people tired of copying the two exclamation points at the end for second seasons and are now just moving them to random parts of the title? If that’s the case, I have some suggestions for what the third season’s title should be:

Cardfight Vanguard Third!!! Series
!!!Cardfight Vanguard Third Series
Cardfight Vangu!!!ard Third Series
Card!fight Van!guard Thi!rd Series

Puzzles: The Show: 2nd Season

I admired the first season for having the same kind of ridiculous appeal that shows like Yu-Gi-Oh! have, but I only got a few episodes into it before it got lost in the Great Fall-Winter Catastrophe, along with many other shows I was watching, so I won’t be watching this. Especially seeing as how it’s more of a continuation than a sequel.

Eureka Seven AO

Some people are saying this is a sequel, and others are saying it’s some sort of remake? The character in the promo art looks like a character from the original and the chart says it’s a sequel, so I’m going with that. But if that’s that case, I won’t be watching it, seeing as how I’ve only seen occasional snippets of the prequel on Adult Swim back when it aired.

Tasogare Otome×Amnesia

I can’t tell what genre this is supposed to be from the synopsis. Mystery? Suspense? Adventure? Whatever it is, it has me interested, so I’ll be giving this show a watch.


Urgh. Normally I don’t give two figs about staff or studios that work on shows, but I’m biased against KyoAni. I know it’s a completely incorrect use of the term, but just like how Kugimiya Rie has been typecast into loli-tsundere roles, KyoAni has been typecast into making shows that use moe as a selling point. However, it seems as though they’re starting to grow out of that lately. Nichijou wasn’t too far of a leap, but at least they were trying something new. And now this show is a mystery? Alright KyoAni, I’ll give you a fair chance to get rid of my bias.

Fate/Zero (Part 2)

Not much to say here. More of Fate/Zero being awesome. Looking forward to it.

Korean Zombie Desk Car OF THE DEAD

While the first season wasn’t fantastic, I still got quite a few kicks out of it. So I’ll be watching this sequel, naturally. I’m surprised it even got one though, from what I remember, the disc sales weren’t that great. I guess the novel must have sold a good chunk of copies due to it.


Bunch of mercenaries working to take down some arms dealers? This is the kind of setting you’d see in a western show, not an eastern one. I’m curious to see how this plays out, though. I want to see how different in execution it’ll be.

Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~

That promo art is practically screaming at me to avoid this show, but the concept of a character having no memories or emotions is too much to ignore. Hopefully they play this aspect to it’s strength and have her question societal values or just in general things that are considered the norm.

Acchi Kocchi

It’s a comedy, so I’m pretty much required to give it a shot. My expectations are low since it’s a 4-koma, but I know one of these days there will be one that will blow me away.


It may be misplaced, but I actually see a ton of potential in this show. They could either take it the comedy route, which would then rely on it being funny, or they could take the contemplative route and question exactly what death entails and means for people. Or it could be neither of those and just be incredibly stupid. I’m curious to see which one it turns out to be.

Natsuiro no Kiseki

Oh hey K-ON! almost didn’t recognize you there.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Whelp, all of the fans are finally getting what they asked for: a legit anime. Too bad it’s probably going to ruin the show. I mean, the upgrade from flash animation will be nice, but the series thrived on humor for completely random clips that had nothing to really do with each other. By having an actual show, they may try to actually put in some kind of plot, which would, ironically, be disastrous. That and normal length episodes just don’t fit with this series. Of course if it turns out I’m wrong and these are just 5-minute shorts being released weekly or something, then there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m nervously waiting to see what the fate of this show turns out to be.

Medaka Box

You know, this show almost looks like some sort of weird twist on the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise. I’m of the minority that didn’t think the show was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I didn’t hate it, I only thought it was okay. Then again, saying all that is pointless since odds are this show will be nothing like it so I’m probably just rambling like I always do and I should end this sentence now. Anyways, this show is kind of the anomaly of the season for me, I don’t know what to think of it, and it seems to have the potential to be either great or terrible.

Kimi to Boku. 2

I wasn’t even paying attention to the sales, but I didn’t think this show sold that well. Oh well, I didn’t care for the first season, and I don’t care for this one.

Train Hero

Woah woah woah, wait a minute. Are these people that are transforming? Or is this a show with transformers? I’m confused, seeing as there’s no art on the chart. Well it doesn’t matter, I doubt I’ll be watching this, seeing as I can’t even find it on MyAnimeList.

Hiiro no Kakera

Oh boy, an otome game adaptation. I don’t have a good track record with those, except for Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%, which was so stupid and tongue-in-cheek that it was hilarious. I guess that means if NicoNico picks this up, I’m guaranteed to watch it. Otherwise, it’s a pass.


It’s been a while since a manly and violent seinen showed up on the scene. I actually normally pass these up, because shows with violence as their selling point just aren’t my thing, but for some reason I’ve had an itch for a good seinen lately, so I’ll be giving this show a go. Also, is it just me, or is the promo art very reminiscent of Reversi from Bakuman?

Sakamichi no Apollon

I feel like a jerk for saying it, but I almost want this show to fail. Hopefully that would finally drive home the message not to have your expectations purely based on staff and studio rather than the actual content itself, which is a topic I’ve wanted to use for an editorial, but I can’t think of enough content for the post for me to give myself the okay to write it. Hopefully I’ll get to do it one of these days… But yes, just like pretty much everybody else, I’ll be watching this show. However, because this is the show everyone is anticipating, I’m probably going to unconsciously look for any faults I can find.


This noitaminA show, on the other hand, I’m not as neutral about. While it may have a sport in it (fishing) it seems as though it’s going to take a backseat or somehow be incorporated into the whole “alien visitor” and “event that determines the fate of the world” deal. I’m curious to see how this story plays out.


Other than my mind being blown at how saying the title of the show sounds like you’re legitimately saying “your roommates”, I don’t really have an opinion on this show. I don’t even know what genre it’s supposed to be, nor do I seem to care to find out. This’ll be a pass.

Beyblade Zero-G

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Accel World

Well, there’s nothing too exceptional with the synopsis, but it may turn out to be a good watch anyways, so I’ll give it a go. Similar to comedy shows, I definitely give action shows leeway.

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Glo was extremely excited for this coming out, so I read the first chapter of the manga. It blew my brain apart. Not because it was bad, and not because it was good, but because it was so damn weird. But hey, with all the standard romance and adventure shows out there, maybe we need something strange to mix things up. I’ll watch the show, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t cautious.

Shirokuma Café

What’s better than a show about a polar bear running a café? NOTHING. Well, except for maybe two polar bears running a café… but you get my point. This show is gonna be badass.

Saki: Achiga-hen episode of side-A

I didn’t watch the original Saki (though I’ve actually been meaning to), so I’m not really interested in watching this.


Alright, lets just face facts: even with a somewhat interesting synopsis, this show solely exists to sell even more products about these idols to the masses, including the BDs and such of the show itself. So the show will mainly focus on the idols and whatever cutesy crap got otaku obsessed with them. Pass.

Queen’s Blade Rebellion

As much as I dislike Queen’s Blade, I have to admit, I’m impressed they could think up this much content for the show. Doesn’t mean I’ll be watching this, though.


I have no idea why, but I’m giving this show a chance. I think I just like the art. All signs point to this show being a sinking ship, though.

Oh god is it finally over? I think this post broke the record for highest word count of any post I’ve ever written, and I did it all in one day. Yeah, not doing that again.

But wait, I did say I had something special in store for the end, didn’t I? Indeed I did, and reveal I shall.



This is something brand new that I thought up as I started writing this post. Though obviously, I should explain what the hell this is, first.

So, each season I make an impressions post which helps me choose which shows I want to watch next season, and also shows you guys what shows I’m going to watch. Now, I think it’d be cool if you guys had a little more control over this process. From now on, the end of the seasonal impressions post will have a poll, where you guys will vote on an additional show for me to watch. The poll will include all of the regular shows airing next season that I turned down myself as I wrote the post. So basically, you guys will either get me to watch a good show you think I’m passing up, or torture me ruthlessly by making me watch something incredibly mind-numbingly dumb. (At first, I wasn’t going to allow sequels and such to be voted for, but I figured me being confused would be just as amusing to you guys.) In the event of a tie, I’ll flip a coin. If more than two shows tie for first, I’ll draw the winner out of a hat.

Oh but wait, that’s not all! I’m still not entirely sure how I’m going to do it, but the show that wins will be either episodically blogged by me, or I’ll tweet every major thought/reaction as I watch each episode (around 10 tweets an episode max). I’m actually leaning towards the episodic blogging, because they wouldn’t actually end up being too long of posts. Just long enough for me to throw thoughts down. No way would they be as thought out as my Shana ones. Spending too much time on episodics killed my motivation to blog before, so I’m avoiding that.

Anyways, I think this will be a fun addition to the blog. Part of my motivation for doing this is that I like to connect with you readers. It’s the same reason why 99% of my posts start with real life quips. Just reminding you guys that I’m an actual person and not a post-generating machine (though one of those would be quite useful…).

If any of you have ideas about maybe tweaking this idea, feel free to say so in the comments. Or if you just want to give feedback or a reaction to it, that is also very welcome. You can also comment after you’ve voted saying why you voted for what and such.

But enough with the rambling! On to the poll!

Thomas the Badass Tank Engine is disqualified since my intuition says it’s never getting subbed.
Beyblade Zero-G is disqualified because odds are, like its prequels, it’ll be 51 episodes long.
Puzzles: The Show: 2nd Season is disqualified since it’s a continuation, not a standalone season.

There is already one vote for Saint Seiya Omega due to me testing the poll, and it seems as if there’s no easy way to reset the poll, so just ignore that one vote. 

P.S. How did I know the first bloody vote was going to be for Queen’s Blade? You guys are evil.


23 Comments on “Spring 2012 Impressions”

  1. -blacksheep says:

    it seems kind of funny but we had the same reminiscent on ZETMAN. i kind of felt weird when i was reading the Reversi arc of Bakuman then suddenly stumbled upon this series. lol.

    • Riyoga says:

      The only thing is that Zetman came out long before Bakuman even started, so it’s more likely that Bakuman just used it as inspiration. Kind of like how PCP seemed to be slightly inspired by Detective Conan.

  2. Marina says:

    Here’s a vote for Eureka AO :p Really, you need to get around to watching Eureka Seven which I thinks is pretty great at the moment. I’m completely sure that Eureka Ao is a sequel (seeing as the boy on the promo art is the son of two characters from the first season), so I don’t know where people are picking up that it’s a prequel or a re-make.

    I also think it smart of you to not include PVs on here because some of them are getting deleted and so I now have some broken links on my preview :S

    • Riyoga says:

      From the segments I saw on Adult Swim, I was never really interested. But seeing as how it’s decently popular, it must have done at least some things right. Plus, I also mainly saw the same scene over and over whenever I noticed it was on, so that may have contributed to me being uninterested.

      Hooray for laziness paying off! The only thing is that yours and other bloggers’ pretty style is… well, prettier than mine. Plus it’s convenient. I force my readers to keep the chart in another tab as they go along. That’s kinda mean.

  3. What more do you want? Because you’ll give KyoAni a free pass but not a show with Watanabe, Kanno, Noitamina and a studio founded by Osamu Tezuka attached?

    I bid you good day sir!

    • Mind you most anything KyoAni touches turns to gold and we have had the discussion over me not getting too hyped over this show but I still find your logic flawed here.

      • Riyoga says:

        What? I’m not giving KyoAni a free pass. I’m giving the show a shot to get rid of my bias. Not sure how that counts as a free pass. Besides, I want to get rid of this bias because as I said, the staff and studio rarely matter when it comes to the quality of the show. The only problem is that as I also said, KyoAni has become a studio that’s practically required by the otaku society to do shows about cute girls in order to be successful, which throws an unknown into my normal formula of studios and staff not meaning anything.

        And I said I’m watching Apollon. I’m just wary because people are hyping it based on the staff and studio when we already had a Guilty Crown happen.

      • Riyoga says:

        Another thing is that even though I shouldn’t, my expectations get very meta. I will unconsciously look for faults in any show that receives a ton of hype (for what I personally deem a wrong reason). But I also tried to find any way I could praise Astarotte no Omocha! back when that aired because it was immediately passed off as pedobait, and now I’m doing the same for PapaKiki. So my thoughts can go either way based on if I think the majority of the community has a bad reason for praising or dissing a show.

      • I think this obvious fundamental difference in our interpretations is good for discussion. Your reviews will automatically have an added social element on top of your personal analysis of a show, while mine will strictly be my own experience with a show. That exchange is probably why people write blogs and I could examine the finer points and highlights of both approaches but I’m sure you get the point.

        • Riyoga says:

          I have appreciated your recent additions to my reviews greatly. It’s sort of a ying-yang thing, except it’s due to talking about different aspects, rather than having differing opinions altogether.

    • Okay, okay. It wasn’t a free pass but your preconception to have the show change your bias is, in essence, the same thought process I have in wanting Apollon to prove me right.

      Tezuka Productions studio that is producing Apollon, aside from it’s famous founder, hardly has anything to boast about to boost it’s reputation, the show’s credibility is solely dependent on the creators of the show. So, like with any form of entertainment, if you can’t prematurely judge a show off the people involved what else do you have? It may not be a masterpiece but I still expect to have a certain “Je ne sais quoi” to it.

      • That first part was in reference to why I thought your logic was flawed. I knew that we had discussed this topic before; I just keep feeling that it’s impossible for a serious anime fan not to have presumptions, good or bad, for a show before it airs based on the staff, studio or voice actors and that you would have to those same expectations for a show.

      • Riyoga says:

        Alright, my wording was faulty. I probably should have said that I want the show to prove to me that KyoAni is done using moe as a selling point for their shows. Hopefully that makes more sense.

        And shows should be prematurely judged on the premise. The content. There’s a synopsis for a reason. You can have the greatest staff in the universe, but if you make a show about a snail crossing the road, it’s not going to magically become exciting.
        It’s the same logic behind not judging if a video game will be good based on some CG trailer. The gameplay is what matters (and sometimes story).

        I’m not saying Apollon is bad, and perhaps I shouldn’t have said I wanted it to fail. I’m just tired of people dropping shows based on supposedly “bad” staff, because everyone has their off days, and their good days. Hell, we had a great staff with Guilty Crown and it failed, and not so great a staff with Future Diary yet it’s extremely entertaining.
        I don’t mind when people pick up a show based on the staff or studio or voice actors or whatever, but not giving a show a chance is a completely different ball game, and its just been a bad itch for me and I’m unfairly taking it out on shows themselves.

      • I figured that was your stance regarding KyoAni but I still can’t quite tell if putting aside the moe factor, you liked their stuff or not. Plus, most synopses of are way too vague, of stuff that you’re not already aware of that is.

        Now, I am one who will acknowledge the importance of story and characters in any anime. But at the same time, I find it very hard for me to place their importance above the people behind the scenes who create an anime, regardless of it’s source material, adaptation or original anime. I say this because when you combine all those factors: a strong narrative, relatable characters with creative or innovative animation/editing, evocative music and polished directing the end product will remain in the viewers minds long after they watch it.

        Anyway,there are plenty of shows that have “boring or strange” subject material. Put that subject material into the right hands and the results can blow you away. Moyashimon, Honey and Clover, Kuchu Buranko, Aria, House of Five Leaves, Cross Game, FLCL and even Nichijou (mainly the majority of the shit on noitaminA) are fine examples.

        Guilty Crown was a pretty traumatic experience for you wasn’t it?

        • Riyoga says:

          Oh god no. I despise Kanon and Clannad, and I only find Haruhi to be okay. Didn’t watch Nichijou.

          Again, I don’t have a problem with expecting a show based on the staff, I just get irritated when shows aren’t given a chance based on them. I find it to make more sense that a good story with an average staff would be a better pick than an average story with a good staff.
          I know that synopses can be vague or standard, but that’s why I usually give those shows a shot anyways, to see if it’s executed or presented in any interesting way.

          I mean, everyone has a favorite work by an author or director, which already shows that the quality will vary. Sometimes they can even make straight-up bad works. This stuff isn’t a perfect science. While there’s a lot we understand about what makes a good story or movie or whatever, there’s still a good chunk of elements that we unconsciously like or dislike, but don’t understand why. Maybe it isn’t the person’s fault, but just expecting someone to be incapable of error is what bugs me.
          My only exception to not getting excited over staff is when it comes to the music department, because there’s Music Theory to back itself up there. I only got a glimpse of it in a GE Intro to Music class, and that shit is incredibly complicated. It’s far more reasonable that music directors and such will have much more consistent quality due to this. (Of course modern Western bands and rappers and such are exceptions, because they usually drop out of school in order to play music.)

          I think Guilty Crown was traumatic for nearly everybody who watched it. I still took some pleasure out of it because it showed exactly what I’m saying, but still.

  4. feal87 says:

    Plenty of series this season, I’m going to watch 8-9 shows…it’s going to be hard to cover them all…>_<

    • Riyoga says:

      I’ve only been watching a few shows these past couple of seasons, so now I’m kicking myself back into watching nearly half the shows each season.

  5. Uhh, aside from the heavily discussed Apollon. I’m looking forward to Eureka Seven AO, Space Bros, Ozuma, Tsuritama, Fate/Zero and Jorgunmand.

    And I’ll just agree to disagree when it comes to sports anime…

    • Riyoga says:

      I’ll be watching all of those too, considering Eureka Seven AO seems to have taken the lead in the polls.
      Post gets over 100 views and I only get six votes. Feels bad.

      Sports just aren’t my thing, that’s all. Unless it’s hockey. But the day Japan makes a show about hockey is probably never.

  6. Black White says:

    My dad bought me some cardfight vanguard cards for my birthday thanks dad!

  7. Kencana says:

    I vote for Kuroko no Basket. Yes, it’s typical sports shounen, but it didn’t have the typical main character. The main character, Kuroko, is the deadpan snarker type *cough* TVTropes *cough*

    • Riyoga says:

      Hmm, interesting. Maybe even if it doesn’t win and I have time, I’ll check it out. Interesting characters are a huge factor for me liking a show or not.

      Oh god TVTropes. So many hours spent lost in the voids of that website. Once you start, you just can’t… stop… reading…

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