Preview: Space Bros


Well, this is awkward. I still have a few more posts coming up, but the open beta for TERA starts tomorrow if you’ve pre-ordered (which I have). So much for getting those posts out quickly.

Except it isn’t actually that big of a deal, because I’m going to be taking my time to play through the game. That means plenty of breaks to work on those posts. Plus, some posts might end up actually being short for once, kind of like how I bet this one will turn out.

Unfortunately, my neutral opinion hasn’t changed from the sneak peek I did for the show. Though I suppose that can also be taken as a good thing, because it also means I haven’t gotten bored of the show.

My main issue with the show is that I don’t care about any of these characters. Yeah, it’s great the Mutta is finally chasing his childhood dream, but it almost seems like he doesn’t care. He’s upset when he thinks he won’t make the cut, but it seems to be more out of not being able to get a job rather than not being able to accomplish his dream.snap2

Now, even without too engaging of characters, there are other things I could latch onto to keep my attention. The problem is, most of those are thrown out the window with the realistic setting. That means the only thing remaining is a sense of conflict, and surprise, surprise, there doesn’t seem to be any.

Yeah, Mutta trying to pass the exams counts as a conflict, but the problem is the show is already making it clear that he’s going to pass. Even if in some surprise twist he doesn’t, it loops back to him not really seeming to be too invested in this whole ordeal. He’ll just go get another job, and life will go on.snap3

The inevitable romance had the potential to spice things up, until the hilarious and creepy Freudian stuff started happening.

Hey guys, Mutta totally makes her think of her dad, I can’t wait until they make out!

I’ll be honest, the only thing that’s keeping me from dropping this show is that I’m curious to see what other tests they have to take. I’m not sure if the tests will span the entire show, but if they don’t, I’m hoping something interesting will be thrown in by then. Some character development so Mutta cares more? A conflict? Anything?


2 Comments on “Preview: Space Bros”

  1. Marina says:

    I might place the conflict with the relationship between the two brothers. Mutta’s contant phrase is that the older brother needs to go before younger, and yet he has never been able to do that. If anything else, the climax may be comprise of a realization or confrontation with Hibito.

    I was wondering how the reactions to this show would differ across different age groups who are at varying stages in life, such as high school, university, already in a career, etc. It feels like this show really strikes those who are already done with schooling and have had a few setbacks of their own out in the “real world.”

    • Riyoga says:

      My problem with that conflict is that Hibito already is an astronaut, so he’s never going to be able to realize that ideal in this situation. Perhaps he’ll grow out of it, but the show doesn’t seem to be setting it up to go that way.

      True, maybe I just can’t relate because I’m in still in college. Though I guess it’s not too surprising that people are more emotionally invested in any show they can relate to themselves in whatever way.

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