Yet Another Obligatory Aniblog Post

Welcome, all ye new and returning visitors.

I’ll try to keep this short and just point out some minor things about the blog you may not notice with just quick glances at various parts, and then I’ll post a few recommended reads. I-it’s not that I don’t want to waste your time or anything! I’m just in a generous mood, th-that’s all!

  • I have six banners: one made by Marina of Anime B&B, four others made by (the sadly MIA) Nadja of Strawberry Milk, and one made by me as a joke on my birthday. I was originally going to take it down afterwards, but people thought it was funny, so I kept it. Note: People who make banners for me gain my everlasting affection.

  • I primarily do previews and reviews. Previews are done after watching three episodes (because I subscribe to the “thou shalt not have a solid opinion until three episodes in” rule). I also started doing something called “sneak peeks”, where I wrote about my thoughts after one episode, but I’m abandoning that idea since I can use Twitter for it instead.

  • I don’t grade like a normal person. My Review List and Ratings System page explains this. Alternatively, an easy way to view my scores is by subtracting five from both sides (10/10 = 5/5, 6/10 = 1/5, etc.). I stubbornly stick to the 10-point system because it’s what MAL uses.

  • I don’t have an “editorials” category. That’s because they’re under the “rambling” category. Though keep in mind, it has both editorials and random posts where I talk about a single topic at length.

  • This season I started a new segment called “Readers’ Pick of the Season“. After I do a season preview, I put up a poll with all the shows I’m passing up. Readers can then vote for a show they think is good that I’m passing up, or torture me with something horrendously bad. I’m then forced to watch it in its entirety and blog about my thoughts on each episode. Saki won for this season.

That’s about it. You guys should be able to find what you’re looking for without me telling you. Though something you’ll notice is that, in living up to the blog’s name, I tend to talk (write) a lot in my posts. I try to make up for this by being generous with paragraph spacing.

N-not that I’m trying my best to make it easy on your eyes or anything! I-i-it’s just that I like hitting the enter key, o-obviously!

But if you don’t know what you’re looking for, here’s some suggestions:

  • Why There’s No Such Thing as “Objectively Good” – My latest editorial. Also my longest one to date, which isn’t surprising considering I wrote it over the course of ten days.
  • Coverage of Saki Episodes – I already linked to these with the comment about Readers’ Pick of the Season, but I’m having fun writing them, so they’re also recommended for a look.
  • My History With Anime – Yes, it’s a personal post, but I’ve been told I have one of the more amusing entrances into anime fandom, so there you go.
  • Review List – I don’t really have any reviews to recommend, so just choose whichever one you want. Though I do recommend a more recent show, because my reviewing style has changed over time.

Also, it’s not necessarily a post I recommend, but I also did the 50 questions thing when that was going around, i-if you want to read more about me… *blush*.

Oh, and here’s a link to the tourney blog, if you need it.


6 Comments on “Yet Another Obligatory Aniblog Post”

  1. feal87 says:

    Hello comrade! Good luck with your match! :)

  2. TRazor says:

    Yeah, vote for this guy.

    This guy is cool.

    I voted for this guy.

    Because he is cool.

  3. I read Riyoga to pickup the ladies.

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