FanimeCon 2012 Day 1

So upon seeing this post, the first thing you’ll probably think is, “What the hell, Riyoga? I thought you were on hiatus!” Indeed, I was on hiatus. It actually ended on Thursday, but I didn’t have time to write a return post due to a string of unfortunate incidents. I’m still going to write a post, because I have more to say than just “hay guiz im back lol”, but it’ll have to wait until FanimeCon is over.

Now, in more important affairs, the first day of FanimeCon has ended. Well, technically it’s a 24-hour convention, but everyone sleeps at night anyways since no panels run at this time.

First things first, I don’t have pictures. I actually have a working camera this time, but I forgot the battery charger. However, I am receiving said charger tomorrow, so hopefully I can start taking pictures then. We’ll see. But yeah, I seriously need to start keeping all of this stuff in a large bag so I don’t forget any of it.

As for what I did, I spent nearly all of it in the Dealer’s Hall. I was mainly looking for Shana stuff since the final season ended not long ago, but lo and behold, still practically nothing. Why must I be tormented so?

What I did buy were some keychain/pin things. One booth had those larger, fridge-magnet looking ones for a bunch of Umineko characters. I bought like seven of them, along with a normal keychain thing of Keima Katsuragi.

I also found some other cool shit, like an artbook by the mangaka of Pandora Hearts and some Devil May Cry art from an insanely good artist (hence why they were in the Dealer’s Hall instead of the Artist Alley; they had like an actual business and such with a manager).

I only went to one panel today, which was called the Horrible Nerd Comedy Workshop. I thought it was going to be people doing stand-up comedy and then the panel were going to make fun of them as they gave them critiques, but… well, it actually was pretty much that, just that the critique portion was done seriously rather than mockingly. It was pretty funny, some people had some good stuff, others didn’t. When the actual panelists did their acts, I was dying. They were some seriously hilarious dudes.

But the most important news of the day is that I found and bought melon-pan. I expected to hate it since I normally don’t like melon-flavoured stuff, but it was surprisingly good. Badass.

Alright, I need to go to bed so I can wake up early and go to the Pokemon gathering so I can get my friend to take pictures. I’m also hoping to get my Star Driver BDs signed by the guy who did the mecha designs for it, Shigeto Koyama. Wish me luck!


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