FanimeCon 2012 Day 2

I finally have a working camera! But I didn’t get it charged until later into the day, so there wasn’t much to take pictures of. I’ll probably use it much more liberally tomorrow.

Today was a bit more hectic for me because I had to run from my hotel room to somewhere else and then back repeatedly for various reasons. I think within two or three hours, I had returned to the room four or five times. Yikes.

That didn’t stop me from buying some more stuff, though! The Artist Alley was the lucky winner today, as I bought a Rachel (from BlazBlue) poster, an Alice (from Pandora Heart) bookmark for a friend, a Squirtle cell phone strap-thing for a friend, and a Hawkeye pin for yet another friend.

I also got a Dawn bookmark from the same girl that was selling the Alice one, and I was so happy when I saw it. At first I only saw ones for like Ash and May and such, but then hiding in the corner of the display on the other side of the booth was the Dawn one. My only regret is that this was the best Dawn-related item I could find.

Seriously, you guys have no idea the things I’d do for an awesome drawing of Dawn that’s poster-sized. But I guess I’m a few years too late for that.

I also bought a very large Madoka Magica wallscroll from the Dealer’s Hall. Seriously, it’s really cool (it was also retardedly expensive), but you guys will see it in my wrap-up post when I post pictures of all the loot I got.

I went to Shigeto Koyama’s panel, which was pretty short, but it was fun since he’s a funny guy. He joked about how the Eureka Seven AO staff is working really hard and 24/7 on the show, but he snuck out so he could go to America. The panel was mainly questions for him, so we learned stuff such as how Samekh his his favourite Cybody, and what Western cartoons the PSG staff watched to help with making the show. Also, apparently his favourite colour is pink. I’m actually not sure if that one was a joke or not.

And yes, I went to the autograph session just like I planned. When I got up and it was almost my turn, I realized that he’d only have time to sign one of my BDs, not both. So when it was my turn, I just kind of put both of them down, and resignedly said he could sign either one on either side. Before the translator could even begin to relay what I said, he had grabbed them both and started doing this:snap1

This guy is a genius. I never would have thought of something like this. Now my volumes are inseparable. Two halves of a whole, and not just because you need both to finish watching the show.

Even better, after he had given them back to me, I thanked him, and then kiraboshi’d him. And he did it back! He thought it was funny and laughed, but he still did it! God that was awesome. And if you don’t know what a kiraboshi is, then stop reading this and go watch Star Driver right now. Seriously. This post isn’t going anywhere.

Anyways, there was a decently-sized line waiting for their turn, so I left without asking for a picture. However, I’m going to his second signing and will ask for one.

Other than that, I went to the Nerd Courting panel, which was really funny. I mean, it was legitimate analysis and comments about how nerds date and what they should do, but the speaker did it in such a hilarious way that it was immensely entertaining.

After that was the Hentai Music Video Contest, and more people sent in submissions this year! We got five! Hey, it’s better than last year which only had three, or the year before which only got one. Anyways, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from that event, it’s that you should always aim for comedy with HMVs. When they’re serious like most AMVs, it’s extremely awkward to watch, especially with a large crowd. But it was still entertaining, regardless, since three of the submissions were really funny.

Before heading back to the hotel room to write this post, my last stop was the Nostalgia Room since they were showing Video Girl Ai. Partially because I figured it was my last good chance of catching sight of 2DT to say hello, but mainly because I actually was interested in watching the show. I caught the fourth and fifth episodes, but they didn’t have time for the last one and showed other random stuff until time was up.

So now I have to delve into the depths of the Internet to try and find a torrent for the show, and most likely have to wait around a month for said torrent to finish. Oh well, at least I’ll be able to watch it in full.

That’s it for today’s post, though. I wrote more than expected because I found a power outlet like a badass. But yeah, I’m off to bed since Koyama’s next/last autograph session is pretty early tomorrow, and I have the best photo idea to ever be conceived.


2 Comments on “FanimeCon 2012 Day 2”

  1. Sounds like a blast! Will watch Star Driver after I make a large amount of progress on One Piece.

    It always sounds like the creators who are involved in anime are usually more generous than not. I think they know that there are so many serious fans of anime around the world that they know they get those perfect little opportunities to interact with the fans. Hoping for more pictures!

    • Riyoga says:

      FanimeCon is always my favourite time to of the year. It’s like when sports fans go to a game and such, everyone just gets each other so everyone is really chill.

      Star Driver is insanely camp a good chunk of the time. But that’s part of what it makes it so endearing. And good luck trying to decipher it, there’s tons of theories around for what the show is about or what it’s trying to say or if it’s all just some big metaphor(s) to mean other things.

      It’s cool that anime staff are always willing and happy to come to America to meet us, but it makes me wonder what it’s like in Japan. I never hear of any real meet-ups the staff do with fans there. Are they idolized by the Japanese the same way we see them? I just don’t know.

      And I’ll try to use my camera more freely. I have a lot of panels to go to today, but I’ll try and take a bunch on Monday before the convention ends if I don’t take too many today.

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