FanimeCon 2012 Day 3


I’m so happy you guys. Though I also got another two posters with Dawn in them, this was the only one that focused on her and only her. I feel like I’ve reached a life goal or something.

Oh, the story behind getting it is that I slept through my alarm this morning and missed Koyama’s second/last autograph session, so I coped by going to the Artist Alley and buying every Pokemon poster in sight. I’m not kidding, I bought like six or eight of them within about five minutes.

Though honestly it isn’t that big of a deal that I missed the session, since I realized my so-claimed “greatest photo idea ever” wasn’t all that great after getting some sleep. Sure, it would have been amusing at the time of taking it, but that would have been it.

But that’s just random banter, I should say what I did for the day.

I went through Artist’s Alley and Dealer’s Hall one more time to see if there was anything that I wanted but had missed on previous explorations. There are actually a few things, but most of those were sold out, so I’m hoping they’ll be restocked for the short time stuff is open tomorrow.

The first panel I went to was Shigeto Koyama’s panel: Character Design 101. He mainly covered characters, but he also briefly went over mecha design. It was actually an extremely informative panel, and I mean that in more ways than just learning that his laptop background was a repeating picture of an anime-esque drawing of a cut of beef.

Now, he mentioned not all character designers do what he talked about (so mainly ones drawing for ecchi shows and possibly shounen and such), but what he said reminded me a lot of TRazor’s post on anime character’s hair.

Basically, since anime is a medium that has a lot more close-ups than others, designers don’t really bother to do much with character’s pants or shoes or whatever because you’re basically never going to see them. Instead, they bring out the personality of the characters through facial expressions and… their hair.

His first example was Joey from Heroman (because he did the character designs for it), and he pointed out how characters that have the hair in the area between their eyes and ears curving inwards is a way of showing that they’re introverted. His biggest example was Rei from Evangelion.
Also, on the opposite end, characters with hair that sticks out tend to be extroverted.

He mentioned that hair accessories can also symbolise something, and for this he mentioned Eureka from Eureka Seven. Her accessories bind and hold down her hair, but also show how she herself is restrained our bound in some way. Trapped, if you may. When she takes them off halfway through the series, it’s to show she’s breaking free from her cage and the things holding her down.
He also pointed out how, in comparison, Anemone had an accessory that went completely around her head, showing that she had a larger restraint holding her down.

There were a few other details he mentioned, and he talked about the process he went through in creating the design for Samekh for Star Driver, but it’s too much to type up. It was an extremely interesting discussion, and if anyone else gets the chance to see Shigeto Koyama at any point, fucking do it. You will not regret it.

Oh, and it was also a funny discussion, because when he googled up one picture to show as his example (I believe it was Rei), one of the ads in the background on the site was a hentai ad, and refreshing the page didn’t help. We all just kind of laughed it off and used a different picture.

Afterwards, I went to the Cthulhu for President panel, which is run by the same guy that runs the Hentai Music Videos. I swear if the guy pursued comedy, he’d easily make it as an insult comic. The panel was hilarious and full of swearing, talk of baby-eating, destroying Japan for making tentacle porn, and “your mom” jokes (not to be confused with “yo momma” jokes).

I then had a break and decided to buy some food from the Dealer’s Hall to try out. Specifically, this stuff:snap2

The top three are different flavors of some kind of “Swiss Roll”, the bottom left is dango, and the bottom right is obviously mochi.

First things first, I’m pretty sure that mochi isn’t supposed to taste the way this one did. It was really hard and tasted like ricey cardboard. So basically, it was really bad. The dango wasn’t much of an improvement, but at least I didn’t spit it out in disgust. I could tell it just wasn’t something my tastes agreed with. The Swiss Rolls were pretty good though.

For now I’m just chalking it up to being a bad batch or something, because my friend has had both before and he agreed the mochi and dango I got tasted pretty terrible. Oh well.

As for the final attraction of the day, if you remember my posts for FanimeCon last year, it was yet again Banzai Arcade. I swear, this almost feels like the true finale of the convention. It’s always just full of such excitement and laughter that you’re pretty much completely drained after the three hours are over.

Getting to details on Banzai Arcade, it’s run by Kajetokun from Youtube, also known as the guy that made/popularized the “OVER 9000!!!!” meme. He’s pretty much the grandfather of memes. The game itself this year was 12 different route choices, each one having an easy fight, a medium fight, and a boss fight. The fights have teams answering anime or video game questions, and if they get it right, they roll the dice to do damage, which can be anything from one to ten. If they get the question wrong, the enemy attacks. After each fight, a new team was brought up.

While all the fights are fun, the boss fights are the most tense and hilarious parts of the game. You get to fight the likes of Articunosaurus Rex, Navi injected with the T-Virus, the car from Street Fighter, and Red Eyes Dracula (Dragon) complete with audio tracks from Castlevania.

Actually, one exception was the fight where you fight “an adorable dog”, which was just a randomly googled Labrador Retriever. People were actually booing when the team got questions right, and the fight ended with the dog exploding, Star Fox 64-style, for extra dramatic impact.

It was really fun, but now I’ve returned back to the room and am now writing this post. I’m gonna end it here and head to bed since I want to get a decent amount of sleep tonight. I think we need to be out of the room by 12:00 or so, and I’m not looking forward to that.

Oh, and I’m aware at the lack of pictures. I apologize for that, but I didn’t really take any due to a combination of going to panels and just straight-up being used to this stuff. I guess when you get used to conventions, you just take less pictures. It doesn’t seem as grand a thing. It’s still fun and people usually look awesome, but it’s just not something you feel the need to immortalize digitally.

I’m going to make it up to you guys by taking pictures of the convention areas tomorrow, such as the Dealer’s Hall and Artist’s Alley and such. That way you can see what I’ve been wading through the last three days.


4 Comments on “FanimeCon 2012 Day 3”

  1. Marina says:

    Silly Riyoga :p You should cook the frozen mochi you had into some other dish, be that a savory dish (like soup) or into a dessert. I like mine cooked then dipped in soy sauce and wrapped in nori.

    Good luck on finding the items you wanted tomorrow! I look forward to more pictures :)

    • Riyoga says:


      No, seriously, I pretty much live off of candy and ice cream. I’m legitimately amazed I’m not diabetic yet.
      But I still have the mochi, so I’ll try cooking it and such and report back.

      One of the items I want are little metal buttons, but they’re the gym badges from Kanto. I need them.

      I also still need to buy a shirt from LittleKuriboh and get him to sign it. Still not sure which one to get though.

  2. Thanks for sharing that little tidbit about character designs. It’s little things like that that make me want to go to an anime convention. Plus reading your posts makes me want to at least try!

    • Riyoga says:

      Anime conventions are totally worth going to, if anything because it feels really nice to be around a ton of people that you know share one of your biggest interests.

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