FanimeCon Day 4 & Wrap-up

This is actually going to be a pretty long post, so I’m going to use a ‘read more’ tag for this one. But first, I should explain how this is going to work.

So at first I thought of just throwing up a slideshow for everyone to scroll through stuff as I talked about each one (which I did last year), but since that doesn’t allow you to pull up the picture and enlarge it or whatever if you want to, I didn’t want to do it that way again. The other option would have been to just throw up each picture as I talk about, but that’s just going to be a clustered mess.

Instead of those, the solution came to me as I plugged in my camera: Dropbox.

They added a new, dandy feature that basically works like a slideshow, but they’re at normal size and you can enlarge each one if you want or download them and various other cool things. So for that, you need a link, which would be this one.

Just ignore the first three since I’ve already shown those, and click on the fourth. Then come back here as I talk about each one or a group of them, then you can go back to the other tab and move to the next picture as I go through each one. They’re even numbered at the bottom so you’ll know which one you’re on! Cool? Cool.

Also, if you don’t have Dropbox yet, you should get it. It’s a nice and dandy tool to have.

The only thing I really did on the last day was load everything out of the room and then watch AMVs in one of the video rooms while waiting for my friend to drive around in his car, so I’m just going to skip straight to the pictures.

Oh, and apologies ahead of time about some of the pictures; I don’t have fantastic gear or anything, so I had to make do with just the flash on the camera for primary lighting. I had to take some of them at angles in order to avoid getting a glare on whatever I was taking a picture of. But hey, I think they all turned out pretty decent.

Pictures 4-6

I promised pictures of the Dealer’s Hall and such, and so I deliver. Admittedly, they’re pretty crappy pictures, but I prefer to refer to them as taken-in-the-corner-because-he-didn’t-want-anyone-to-think-he-was-taking-them-of-anyone-in-specific pictures.

Pictures 7-8

Same deal as the last set, but these are of the Artist Alley. You can see how most booths post up sample pictures for people to look at so people know what they can get. Others have so much art they put a whole binder on the table for you to sift through. And then some do both.

Picture 9

This was my room key for hotel room. The Hilton is always cool and lets us keep them after we stay, so I’ve started a collection for them. Though as far as I know, the Marriott and others may also do the same.

Pictures 10-11

First legitimate I-actually-paid-for-these loot pictures! I grouped these two together because they’re both from Devil May Cry, but also because I bought them from the same artist. This was actually the person I said was in the Dealer’s Hall rather than the Artist’s Alley, by the way. Seeing the work she’s done, it’s no surprise she has an actual business going.

Oh, and the first picture is of Dante, and the second is Vergil. Just in case you guys haven’t played the series (which you totally should, except for the nonexistent second game, because if it did exist, it would suck).

Picture 12

This is actually one of my favourite pieces of art. Yeah, it’s a joke drawing, but it’s just so amusing. It’s a perfect example of a really simple drawing being awesome. And hey, I didn’t even know Galactic Pretty Boy Takuto and Entei had matching hair colours until I saw this.

Picture 13

I have a pretty love-hate relationship with fighting games, but BlazBlue is the exception to that since I have pretty much no qualms with it (except that they nerfed Rachel to hell in Continuum Shift… what the fuck, guys?). When I first got it, I actually wanted to be a top-tier player and played it online quite a bit. I mained Rachel, who’s not only my favourite character to play as, but is also my favourite character of the game in general.

I think what I’m trying to say is, this is a drawing of Rachel.

Picture 14

If you couldn’t tell from reading my blog, I’m a Pokémon fanboy. While I completely hate the term ‘fanboy’, I can’t deny I am one for the series.

But anyways, this is Red in a cave with his Pikachu. Yeah. Red is awesome. Read Pokémon Adventure/Special if you haven’t yet.

Picture 15

One of the biggest surprises for me at FanimeCon was the complete lack of Fate/Zero goodies. I think there was a total of one booth in the Dealer’s Hall that had something for it, and like two booths in the Artist Alley that had drawings. But I figured it would’ve been blasphemous to leave without getting something related to it, so I decided on this drawing, which I probably would’ve gotten anyways after thinking about it.

Pictures 16-17

I’m grouping these two because they’re both from Pokémon, and because I got them from the same person. You can tell because there’s a Pikachu doing something goofy/cute in both. The first was cool because it covered all the generations, and the second was because… well, Red is awesome. You’ll probably continue to see me say this a few more times.

Picture 18

Red is awesome.

…Also I liked the nice touch of him playing his own game in the background. It’s complete with Missingno and everything.

Pictures 19-21

I just like grouping stuff together that’s from the same artist. Though a fun fact is this is also the artist where I got the Dawn drawing I posted for Day 3.

The first picture is a Nintendo Jamboree one, and I’m not even sure if they missed a franchise. Oh, wait, they missed Starfox. DAMN. Oh well. I guess they must have missed a few, since there’s only so much space.

The second is just a few of the generations’ protagonists, but I just got it because Dawn looked cute in it I like the art a lot, so I figured why not.

The third is a joke. FanimeCon has an event called the Black & White Ball, where you dress up all fancy and do dances that actually require skill and finesse, and the fifth generation of Pokémon is Black and White. So yeah, I thought it was amusing.

Picture 22

It’s a Dawn bookmark. I got it because Dawn.

Also it was only $1.

Pictures 23-24

I put the Keima keychain/thing in the picture because I got these all at the same booth.

So yeah, the bottom seven are Umineko keychains. They’re the kind of fat and flabby ones, the sort that look like refrigerator magnets. There were actually another six or so of them at the booth, but that would have been way too much money, so I just picked these.

Pictures 25-27

This was actually one of the first things a bought: an art book from the mangaka of Pandora Hearts.

The first picture is the whole thing as it normally is, the second is when you pull it out of the neat sliding cover it has, and the third is a really poor picture of me holding the book open to a random page. The book’s pages are really heavy, so it wasn’t easy getting that picture. But I wanted to get one of the inside to show how good the mangaka’s art is. She’s pretty much a master of aesthetic art, and knows it takes more than just a pretty character to make a good drawing.

Pictures 28-29

I’m grouping these two together, because I can.

The first is a wallscroll for Madoka Magica, but I was far too lazy to actually unwrap it and such, so I just took a picture of the preview on it.

The second, however, is an ultra-expensive wallscroll. Part of the reason for the high price is because the thing is fucking huge. I actually had to take a picture of it on the kitchen floor to fit the whole thing, and even then it only barely fit. For reference, this thing is almost as long as a queen-sized bed. The height isn’t too shabby either when you look at it and keep that in mind.

Due to the size I couldn’t get the greatest picture ever, so I suggest downloading it and using whatever program you want to look at it. My camera is retarded and max resolution is a pixelated mess, but you can zoom in quite a bit before it gets blurry and such.

Final Thoughts on FanimeCon

Actually I’m not sure why I just wrote that, my thoughts aren’t very long.

It was fun, as always. Like I say, it’s my favourite weekend of the year. My only complaint was the dreadful pre-purchase badge pickup, but that wasn’t even their fault (unless they aggravated that transformer into exploding). so I guess I don’t have any complaints.

As I said before, I was also surprised at the lack of Fate/Zero stuff, but hopefully that will be fixed next time. Also, more Dawn goodies are always appreciated.

And I really hope they bring Shigeto Koyama back. That guy was hilarious and smart.

So yeah, FanimeCon 2012 is over, and I can’t wait for FanimeCon 2013!


2 Comments on “FanimeCon Day 4 & Wrap-up”

  1. Marina says:

    Pictures are always my favorite parts of these convention-type posts, so I’m glad you took the time to include them >< You are getting me SO HYPED for AX, gahhh! You've also got me a tad worried about the whole badge pick-up thing, which I've already had some anxiety about. Anyways, until next year if you go again!

    • Riyoga says:

      It always takes so long to take all the pictures of stuff you got, but it does feel worth it in the end.

      I wish I could go to AX. Yuki Kajiura is going to be there! I want her autograph…
      Oh, and the fact that we’d be able to meet up and talk about recent anime and such. Though I’m always nervous to meet people for the first time.

      Our badge pickup was bad because we had a power outage, so it’s not something you really need to worry about. I don’t know how AX goes, but I can just give the same advice I do to people at Fanime: get in line about two hours early. Our lines always fill up insanely fast in the last hour, so being there early is worth it.
      Plus if you take your DS/3DS you’ll get a TON of friend passes or whatever while in line.

      Don’t worry about it! Conventions are always great fun, and I haven’t heard bad things about AX (other than being in LA, obviously).

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