Return from Hiatus (And Upgrade to Riyoga’s Ramblings 3.0)

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been back for a while. I probably should have posted this a few days ago. Oh well, I’m still relaxing since summer is here.

So last time when I “upgraded” the blog to 2.0, it wasn’t actually much. I just added a blogroll, created a Twitter, and removed one category I had been doing. It was more of a 1.1 upgrade than anything. This one, however, is a true upgrade, because I’m doing some pretty big changes to how I’m doing things.

While I don’t mind that I lost the tourney, Dark_Sage has a point in that my recent posts lacked any real personality to them. It was just addressing good and bad points in shows, then justifying those claims. Some of the posts were pretty short by my standards, and even then I sometimes had to grasp at straws to get the posts to be that long. I even looked at my Shana III review, and it lacked any real emotion to it, except for maybe a few parts.

So I’m scrapping it. No more previews or reviews, unless it’s a show I’m emotionally invested in (so either a really good one, a really bad one, or a show that has an impactful scene or two). Instead I’m going for a format similar to Yi and Yumeka and such, where I’ll write a posts whenever I wish and they’ll primarily be editorials. Though I’m actually reluctant to say editorial, because they’ll be inspired by specific episodes, whether it be a plot point, or how something is handled, or whatever.

Not all is different, though. I feel like without having required posting, I’d fade away from the desire to blog, so I’m keeping the Reader’s Pick category. This also means I’ll still do season previews, if anything so that I can put up the poll for the thing. I’ll also have normal editorials and such. But posts won’t take too long to come out, I already have a couple of ideas for posts.

And that’s about it; I’m not sure if I missed anything. I’ll try to get out a Saki super post soon to catch up, but I have quite a few other shows to catch up on too, so we’ll see.

I like to end these kinds of personal blog-related posts by telling people they can ask me stuff, so go ahead if you want. Ever wanted to know my favourite colour? Well now’s your chance. Or you could ask my opinion on things, such as shows or writing, because I like to think my opinions are super important and awesome.

EDIT: I should mention there are other reasons I’m switching to this format, too. One is that this method actually does appeal to me more than what I had been doing. The bigger one is that I’m sick and tired of my blogging and gaming taking punches at each other. I constantly have to give up one for the other, but with this new format, it should prevent it.

And if you doubt I can continue to come up with posting topics based on episodes I watch, just look back at my Shana episodics. Remember when one of them had 2000+ words about a 3-4 minute scene? Yeah, I can write more based on how much I personally feel about the topic or whatever. Of course not all of my posts will be that long, but that’s just an example of what it’s like to write about something that genuinely interests me.


7 Comments on “Return from Hiatus (And Upgrade to Riyoga’s Ramblings 3.0)”

  1. Game8910 says:

    You should just blog what you feel like blogging, and the style of how you blog should also be what you want it to be. Im not saying its not good to listen to opinions of what others think of your posts but just remember that in the end the blog belongs to you and you should just write the way you want. Thats just how I feel whenever I write something.

    PS: Im actually making a new post on my blog too…wow its been forever! \o/

    • Riyoga says:

      Oh of course, but it’s not just because Dark_Sage said that, it’s because I agree with him. Plus I like this new format and there are other reasons too. I should probably add an edit to explain those.

      Awesome! Now you just have to keep posting afterward, which is the hard part.

  2. I’m excited! I wanted to give you a long post to remind you that I’m still here, reading and thinking. I propose that, maybe, if you do, frequent smaller posts, it might make the exchanges on the blog more consistent. Something like that.

    I personally feel, you really don’t need to highlight any shows you think are bad or not worth anyone’s time. Unless, your intention is to have an extensive database for readers. Otherwise just focus on the stuff you like, even if you do find some bad shows to be entertaining.

    You do a really good job of explaining how a show “handled something”. Honestly. The posts on Shana I read were really great because it gave me an extra lenses to look through. Okay, that’s obviously the point of having a blog and I know Shana is your favorite series ever but I really did feel that some of your posts were actually making me a more invested anime fan. Not just someone who watches and buys stuff but someone who can relate and pass on the thoughts of a blog I’ve read.

    • Riyoga says:

      Oh for sure. I like to ramble, but I don’t think every post is going to be too long. In fact, one I already have planned will probably be pretty short.

      Well, it’s not really bad shows I want to avoid, it’s just shows I’m completely neutral about. As long as I have some emotional attachment to a show, positive or negative, it should make for a good post.

      Not to sound cocky, but I think I do a good job of explaining that too. And I’m not going to be ditching that, I’m just not going to spend hours thinking of how to do it for mediocre shows.

      My Shana episodics are actually a good example of what future posts should be like. I normally don’t do episodics, but I wanted to write those. Since I’m now going to be only writing posts about stuff that interests me or things I want to say, I’m hoping they should all be good reads.

  3. Nadja says:

    You should do a Q&A post. I mean, I’m just dying to know what your favorite color is among other things (for instance, what’s your favorite kind of macaroni and cheese? I prefer the shell ones, though the mutilated ones that are supposed to look like cartoon characters are also a long time favorite.)

    In all seriousness though, I do wonder what other hobbies you partake in. I know this is supposed to be an anime blog, and you’re only supposed to blog about anime and all that. But I get to reading posts and it’s easy to forget just how many-faceted we all are.

    • Riyoga says:

      My favourite colour is purple. As for macaroni and cheese, I normally don’t eat it, but when I do, it’s just the standard Kraft shell kind. I did quite enjoy the cartoon character ones when I was a kid, though. All the holes in them always captured globs of cheese and it was gooey and delicious.

      All I do is blog, watch anime, play games (usually with friends), and read books. I’m very much an inside person, though every so often I like to screw around at parks with friends, or do laser tag, or paintball, and other things.

      I answered the “50 Questions” prompt when it went around some time to go, so that has some info on me. I may do an Q&A post in the future, though, because that’s actually a pretty good idea.

      • Nadja says:

        I don’t eat it too often either. My brother just happens to be a 5 year old stuck in an 18 year olds body, and he needs that train shaped Mac n cheese. And oh lord yes, those little shells and the cheese globs pooled inside–so much lovely CHOLESTEROL.

        Ah yes, same here. I even run inside when I could easily find a bike path. Oh well. I like air conditioning.

        I’m glad I could contribute despite being MIA. :)

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