Why You Should be Watching Pokemon Best Wishes (Black & White)

This new format is already working nicely. Without having to worry as much about getting posts out, I’ve been able to play more games that I’m backlogged on, and I’m even starting to do a bit of streaming. I’m probably not going to go all hardcore into streaming, but it’s just something fun to do. Maybe I can think up fun events with it or something.

Though in other news I’m still behind on shows. I caught up on a few, but the ones that I haven’t I’m behind by quite a bit. I’ll need to dedicate a day in the near future to doing nothing but catching up. Some shows will probably be dropped, like Zetman and Hyouka. Except I haven’t actually started Hyouka, so it’s more like deciding not to watch than dropping it.

Oh, and I actually probably would have had this out sooner, but this wasn’t actually the original post I had in mind. I just made a last minute call to not do my original idea because considering the topic it makes more sense to wait for the show to finish before writing about it, because I could get unexpected or new information in regards to it. You’ll see what I mean when the post does eventually come out.

It’s safe to say that nearly all anime fans at this point in time grew up with Pokémon, or at least have some sort of attachment to it. However, most people don’t watch it now. Some people just don’t care anymore, or see it as too childish. I don’t really have anything to say to that crowd (except maybe “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU”), but there are some people who don’t watch it anymore because they think the first “season” with Brock and Misty and such was the best one, and all the later ones have sucked (more on this in a future post). They’re completely drowned in nostalgia to the point ceaselessly praising the first season and endlessly bashing the others, even if they may not have actually seen them.

This post is for you guys.


Also, apologies for the subs in the pictures. They’re hardsubbed.

I’m not even going to try and say anything about better writing or animation or any of that stuff. I could say on how it’s cut down on fillers so that Ash already has 7 badges at around episode 80 (which is like half the time it usually takes), but I won’t. None of these completely true and legitimate points are going to be used because for the crowd I’m addressing, there’s only one point I need to make.

This season is a reboot.

Yes, that’s right, there have been a number of nods to the original series and a few tweaks here and there so that this new series feels like it’s own thing, rather than a sequel. By nods to the original, I mean things like how Ash has caught all of the starters for the region, he saw a legendary in the first episode, and they’re using some BGM that were from the original. Stuff like that.

But it’s the new tweaks that make it far more interesting. The biggest example is how Team Rocket are actually being legitimately evil bastards.snap2

Not enough? Have another!snap3

It doesn’t become obvious until around the end of episode 3, but Team Rocket is done with just trying to nab Pikachu all the time. In fact, they haven’t appeared in quite a few episodes because they’re busy doing evil deeds for the organization somewhere else. A lot of the stuff they’ve done have caused hour-long specials, like when they pissed off those cloud-riding legendaries or when they hijacked the underground railway.

This is also the first season without Brock in it. In his place is one of the first gym leaders from this region, Dent.snap4

Now, I know the immediate reaction is, “What?! No! How am I supposed to enjoy this without Brock being ridiculous like usual?!” Well, it’s actually pretty easy, because Dent has just as much ridiculous enthusiasm as Brock did, but for things other than women.

In fact, he pretty much has it for every activity that isn’t swooning over women.snap5



The other role Brock served was being sort of the link between humans and Pokémon since he wanted to be a breeder, but Dent also fills in that gap. He’s a “Pokémon Sommelier”, so he can detect different “flavors” about Pokémon, or their relationships towards their trainers. It’s where his “It’s tasting time!” catchphrase comes in.

Yes, it’s horrendously camp, but the show somehow manages to make it work. He’s just fun to watch, especially when he claims to be other things, such as a “Fishing Sommelier” or “Subway Sommelier” (see pictures above). Mamoru Miyano may also be reason for it working, but from what I’ve seen of the dub, that voice actor does a good job of it too. Though of course his lines are a bit changed around.

Oh, and the best reason to be watching?

Dawn is coming back for season 2.

Okay, that was not nearly enough Dawn. How about the end-of-the-episode previews for the first three episodes?

This is probably the best season/series of Pokémon. Ever.

Sneak peek of the next Pokémon post to come out in celebration after the second season starts: Why You Should have Watched Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (In the Form of: Why Dawn was the Best Thing to Happen to Pokemon).

17 Comments on “Why You Should be Watching Pokemon Best Wishes (Black & White)”

  1. Yumeka says:

    I’m an avid Pokemon fan that has been watching all the anime seasons since the beginning – I stopped watching the dub back in 2006 but I’ve still been watching the series via subs and raws. I have to say that after the original series, Best Wishes is the best. It’s mostly because there are more interesting and less generic/filler episodes. Because there are so many, most Pokemon episodes go in one ear and out the other, but I still remember some of the many BW episodes such as the one with Gothitelle, Iris and Excadrill bonding, the Purrloin that Meowth fell for, etc., so that alone says a lot for someone who’s now watched 700+ episodes of Pokemon. I’ve also found a lot of the guest characters (humans and pokemon) more memorable as a whole than previous seasons.

    I like Iris, Axew is a sweetie, and Dent can be funny sometimes thanks to Mamoru Miyano’s humor (I’m mostly just neutral to him though). The only thing I don’t like is how Team Rocket have become emotionless automatons compared to the cute, funny, entertaining characters they were in previous seasons. If the creators wanted to have evil villains, they could have used new characters instead of completely changing the personalities of Team Rocket for no apparent reason.

    But other than missing the old Team Rocket, Best Wishes has been one of the better Pokemon seasons =)

    • Riyoga says:

      Yeah, the tighter writing and fewer “traveling” episodes definitely help, I agree. I don’t necessarily think that’s why there are more memorable characters, though. I think that’s mostly because they don’t introduce a lot of new ones, and bring older ones back for stuff. Just them being actively present is what makes them more memorable; I do like a couple of them, though.

      The reverse is actually true in my case. I find Iris too condescending most of the time and it irritates me, while I think Dent is fabulously entertaining. As for Team Rocket, I kind of like the new way they’re doing things. They were amusing before, sure, but you always knew they were never going to succeed at anything, which made their antics a little tiresome as they went on. Though I do miss their more human moments that they had occasionally.
      I appreciate them gambling with this new approach to them, and I think it would have paid off more if they had actually released the episodes where they fight with Team Plasma. At least Giovanni will be in the second season for whatever reason. That should be interesting.

      I do like Best Wishes a lot, but Diamond and Pearl is still my favourite. Despite it probably being the most filler-y season of all, it didn’t matter because I cared so much about Ash and Dawn. In fact, if it weren’t for D&P, I probably wouldn’t even be watching this season as it’s subbed. But that’s all stuff I’ll cover in my next post about Dawn.

  2. I want to. I really want to…

  3. Scott says:

    BW is a great season but it lost luster since the Team Plasma eps were skipped.

    As for Dawn it’s nice to see her returning. I didn’t like her as much as May but she had her moments. Most likely though this will be her final appearance in the show once she leaves again.

    So what made you such a big Dawn fan compared to the other Pokemon girls?

    • Riyoga says:

      I’m disappointed those were skipped, but they may eventually air them. If not, the second season is going to have something involving Giovanni and what looks to be a pissed off Dragonite. But even then, this season has still been fun.

      Indeed, as with the other girls and their cameos, this will probably be her last chance to shine. Though how long she’ll stay around is still up in the air. It was rumored to be about three episodes, like the other girls, but she’s actually in the new season’s opening. Likewise, the other girls just kind of showed up for their cameos, while Dawn is actually being advertised for this new season. So she may stick around for most of the season, if not all of it (though obviously I’m optimistic when it comes to this).
      Though they have edited openings before for evolutions and other events, so who knows. But if it really is only for three episodes I might cry.

      I have a huge post planned to come out explaining my love for Dawn shortly after [PM] releases the episode where she joins the group. I’ve even watched the first half of D&P again in preparation for it and everything.

      But for a sneak peek, one reason is that she was handled as an actual main character, rather than extra luggage for Ash. Misty hardly did anything except for once every blue moon, May had her brother that tagged along so they seemed like two halves of one person rather than two individual people, but Dawn was actually given a fair share of screen time and did things pretty often. An example would be how a huge amount of episodes start with Ash and Dawn training with each other. For the first time, there were two main characters rather than one with a bunch of side characters.

  4. TR Fan says:

    I have watched Pokémon from beginning to end. I like all regions, they were pretty good. But the Unova Region, I have to agree is the best of all, imo! For me it’s because I absolutley LOVE Team Rocket and so glad to seem them so epic and really happy for a change. Heck, they’re the ONLY reason I even watch, scratch that, like Pokémon anymore!!
    If they were to get rid of TR I’d stop watching Pokémon all together!!!

  5. Truth says:

    How much money did Pokemon Anime writer paid you guys to say that ?
    Best Wishs probably the worst Pokemon series of all time .
    It should also be consider the worst anime .
    It doesn’t even has any story plot like Pokemon Adventure or Yugioh zexal .
    The worst rival , worst tournament , worst League , worst development ! Only a complete Ash-hater would love this series .
    Not only that , ”N” end up becoming a pathetic helpless guy who specialty is getting beat up by other pokemon and need somebody to protect him !
    Yellow (Adventure) & Hareta (DPA) are like ”N” but they aren’t as helpless as ”N” !
    Also , ”Best Wishs” destroyed Team Plasma’s specialty.
    It was a team that tried to free Pokemon with a misguided boss .
    However ,
    The Anime turn Team Plasma into ordinary Evil team that trying to take over the world with a legendary Pokemon .
    Therefore ,
    This series is only appealing for Pokemon Anime stuff’s relative , Ash hater or someone who got paid by the writer .

    • Riyoga says:

      I wish I got paid by them to write this. I got college loans and such to pay off, man.

      Also most of the stuff you mentioned was either in B&W Season 2 or Season N. Those are sequels to this one. Not that I agree with your complaints, I’m just sayin’.

      Wanna pay me to write a negative review of the other seasons? I’ll give you a generous discount of $1000 a post.

      • Truth says:

        Best Wishs Season 1 is just as Bad as Season 2 !
        You only need some common sense to know that !

        • Riyoga says:

          This “common sense” you’re selling is a scam.

          The writing was fine in the first season. I’d even say it has the best pacing of any season so far. It all kind of took a nosedive starting with the second season, but it had Dawn in it, so it gets massive leeway. My only complaint for Season N is how short it is, honestly.

  6. Ryuka says:

    You said that this was the first season without Brock… That’s beyond not true. WHY MUST EVERYONE FORGET TRACY!? But no seriously pokemon for me actually mostly just became hard to keep up with. it’s true though that I started to lose interest after May came and went. I stuck with Diamond and Pearl for as long as I possibly could (fifth or sixth gym maybe?) but Dawn’s flat, whiny, stereotypical, useless heroine attitude just made the series unpleasant. At that point I had just given up on the anime as a whole. I still play the games and watch the movies, but that’s really it. The eng dub is awful and I don’t have the attention span to keep up with weather new subs are released or not. Something bothers me about Cilan, Dent, whatever his name is… He’s supposed to specialize in grass types but he only has the 1 and two ground types.

    • Qruis says:

      There are a LOT of forgetted characters, what happened to Richie after the first seasons? Or May in Johto Grand Festival? Max started his journey to be a Trainer or a Breeder? We know at the near end of the series that Brock is now a Pokemon Doctor, but nothing more.
      Iris is “such a kid” (no more comments needed about Iris), and Cilan, he is more obsessed with food than Ash and May together, how the duck you know the “flavor” of a pokemon?!, He only keeps saying that the whole time, its anoying!
      But wait, now I remember, THIS SERIES IS A RESET!!! Ash never see the most of the other of the pokemon, never winned the Battle Frontier, fought Tobias, never have a BIRTHDAY! ETC, Travel trough almost 6 regions (Kanto, Orange Islands, Jotho, Hoen, Kanto again, Sinoh) at foot, boat in some cases, and no year has passed, HE STILL 10! (GAH!… He is at least 16, I accept 15, may be 14, and it was hard for me accept that the girls, Misty, May, Dawn started their journeys at the age of 10, but I understand that, except for May, look at her body). Scans with the pokedex the mayority of the pokemons of the past regions, don’t know why (Eevolutions, Kanto starters, etc), the only time I found it nesesary was when Iris says Charizard was Dragon-Type and Ash took his pokedex and smashed in her face “Charizard: Fire/Flying”. They ended the Serien in Japan like 3 months ago and in North America and Europe, but here in Latin america, Argentina more specific, Ash still about to win his 7 badge, and I know that because I say some times to miself, “give it a try, it may be good at some point” I only saw a few episodes (skipped a lot) and I know it the 7th badge because i have to go to the internet and Spoil myself, and I got to say Ash sucked at the league, he commited so many errors at the final battle, Unfezant use Quick atttack (Normal) instead of Aerial Ace (Flying) against Riolu (Fighting) Rioul jumped in the back of Unfezant and kicked her ass, if Ash told Unfezant to use Aerial Ace the attack will never miss, dealing double damage to a Fighting Pokemon, gaining more chances to win the battle, with Pikachu still resting in case somthing went wrong. And still want to know what the duck happend to Volt Tackle!

      • Qruis says:

        and I forgot this is not a complete reset, cause it Includes some Flashback, how Ash gets Charmander and the story to charizard, and the Dragonite incident in Johto) but still dont know the eevolutions… or the kanto starters

  7. Matthew says:

    I agree. I loved Best Wishes. It was a great series.

    Iris is my favorite female companion. I liked May and Dawn, but getting 2 series in a row with a female character with the same goal got a bit grading. Iris was a nice breath of fresh air from that, and she’s really well developed. Going from a hypocrite who acted big and smart, but was just as weak as Ash, to an appointed Gym Leader who knew most of what she made people think she knew. Her Pokemon were well developed and all had distinct personalities, and we got flashbacks showing us why she was the way she was, both a mix of her dreams and desires, and isolation and loneliness. She’s considered a predecessor to Misty, but Iris is SOOO much better IMO (Misty was irritating/annoying in Kanto, and Bland in Johto). Iris was strong, useful and independent. Also, I’m glad she wasn’t forcefully shipped with Ash like the other girls.. and that’s what makes me like their ship even more xD

    Cilan was cool. His Pokemon.. they were.. meh. Pansage was his carbon copy, Crustle was cool, and Stunfisk was.. meh. Cilan was more a less the same from start to end. Bits of development here and there, but nothing major

    I loved Serious Team Rocket.. FINALLY

    The writing was… meh, decent. Animation was improved. Like the fact Dawn returns, as I really like her

  8. Mark says:

    The fans who actually liked the anime as it was for over a decade (yeah, they exist) hate BW for going back to the original series style and like the current XY series for reversing that.

    With that said, they’re full of it. While “Season 2” was flawed, especially from the League and on, BW overall was an awesome series.

  9. Gavin Palhinha says:

    Where can I watch it?

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