How I’m Celebrating Yet Another Birthday

Forcing my friends to play various horror games while I watch. Because there’s no better way to celebrate turning twenty-one than watching your friends cry tears of pure terror.

Games including but not limited to:


And we may watch some Pokémon. Because I’m spontaneous like that.

So yeah, this should be fun.

Yes, yes, I’ll get a legitimate post out soon, I promise. Depending on when people leave, I’ll get one out either tonight or tomorrow. A second post will follow shortly (day or two) after. A third one may also follow shortly after, but don’t count on that. But one of the posts will be my comprehensive post on why Dawn is awesome, so look forward to that.

Here’s the video of my friend playing through SCP-087-B on my birthday like I said I’d post. It’s hard to see anyone until the very end because we wanted the room to be as dark as possible.
NOTE: If you don’t like colourful language, I don’t advise watching.

9 Comments on “How I’m Celebrating Yet Another Birthday”

  1. feal87 says:

    It seems you’re getting old my friend. Congratulation…:D

  2. Marina says:

    Happy 21st! I don’t even remember what I did for mine, though I’m pretty sure it didn’t entail too much drinking. If you do, be safe! Gaming and Pokemon sounds like a lot more fun ><

    • Riyoga says:

      I made people play scary games, and it was immensely amusing. I’m going to update this post in a bit with a recording we did.

      Unfortunately, there was no Pokemon. Fortunately, there was also no alcohol. Honestly, alcohol tastes terrible. I don’t understand why it’s the cool thing to do at all.

  3. Nadja says:

    Happy birthday!!

    As for horror games, have you tried playing Amnesia? Rather, have you tried forcing other people to play Amnesia while you watch?

    • Riyoga says:


      And indeed I have. It didn’t actually scare me that much. I’m not sure whether it just didn’t do much for me as it was, or if it was due to me having my roommate watch, who was literally scared 24/7 while I played. Laughing at that may have made the game less scary for me.
      Honestly, I think the scariest game ever is Slender, which is one I linked to. I can’t even start the game without instantly exiting it. Not touching that shit myself.

      Also, I’m going to update this post now with a video like I should have a month ago. It’s one of my friends playing through one of the games on my birthday and freaking out. He’s the same guy that was constantly scared throughout me playing Amnesia.

      • Nadja says:

        Haha I would love to see that! Personally, I can only watch horror games and make fun of everything while feeling slightly nervous. If I do somehow end up with a horror game, I inevitably end up fiddling with the lights or sounds until I figure I’m “too tired” and have “too many other important things to do.”

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