Readers’ Pick: Moyashimon Returns – Episode 1


I said I’d keep up on my posts for Readers’ Pick of the Season this time, and so I shall!

Also, I’ll still make a post when I catch up on Saki, I’ve just been distracted lately and am going through shows pretty slowly. I’m not bored of anime or anything, I just always think of something else to do right when I’m about to start. It’s quite annoying.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from Moyashimon Returns going into it because I still need to watch the prequel. That’s why I was grateful whenever it added little bits of info through narration about stuff you should already know. Though it didn’t prepare me for everything, as I had no idea what to think as a mallet-wielding, gothic cross-dresser came running out a shop window.snap2

Something that surprised me was how small a role the microbes played. I thought these guys were supposed to be the selling point of the show, but all they did was a small skit or two about about their job for making saki and they occasionally narrated things.
But I liked how the MC could track people since he can see them, as the ending showed. Perhaps they just played a small role in this episode and will do more later. I have no idea.snap3

Also, the scene near the end with all the talk about alcohol and percentages and such bored the living hell out of me. It almost gave me nightmarish flashbacks of Lucky Star. Luckily (no pun intended) it wasn’t quite as bad, because the MC was as lost and bored as I was. Hopefully scenes like this one don’t become a habit.

So as of now, I don’t really get the fandom for this series. There’s nothing really amazing here, and the microbes really only serve to make the presentation unique. I will say I am interested in the show, but I’m not sold on it quite yet.


4 Comments on “Readers’ Pick: Moyashimon Returns – Episode 1”

  1. Seems like a slightly fantastic slice of life show. Concerning alcohol and percentages, the two which are most interesting to me are Schorschbrau’s Schorschbock 57 at 57.7% ABV and Brewdog’s End of History at 55%. I think the only thing which makes them beers is the fact that the brewers froze off the water from the beer rather than distilling it!

    But, I’m guessing that their conversation didn’t mention these two.

    • Riyoga says:

      I kind of blanked out during the conversation, but I remember they mainly talked about sake. Not that surprising, because it’s Japan and all.

  2. That’s understandable. The first series didn’t have much in the way of a building storyline so I think it’s safe to expect as much early on in this installment.

    Though (a la Genshiken), I expect the last few episodes to have some sort of arc set up where it will feature a sort of coming-of-age narrative.

    I enjoy the lengthy spells of dialogue, even if they are hard to follow. Oh wait, that sounds like Shana. Haha.


    I too get in those little ruts of trying to watch a show; starting, stopping, pausing, etc.

    • Riyoga says:

      I’d argue that the dialogue in Shana was hard to follow because it usually dealt with aspects of the plot we didn’t know about yet. This dialogue was hard to follow because they threw a ton of numbers out before each one could really be processed. …And the topic was boring.

      Like I said, I am curious to see where this show goes, though.

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