Readers’ Pick: Moyashimon Returns – Episode 3


It might be pointless to include these title screenshots since I can’t capture the translation along with it, but I’m going to keep doing it anyways because I feel like it.

In other news, I was thinking of participating in the blog carnival, but I probably won’t. I’m kind of a loner in the aniblogosphere, so it’s not like anyone cares for my opinions on aniblogging at all. I should probably comment around on other sites more (or at least tweet other bloggers more) instead of just lurking everywhere.

This episode was a bit more exciting, if anything because there was a lot less scientific jargon. The microbes did their little talk near the beginning, but the only other scene that barely qualifies as a scientific lecture was Yuuki talking about his changes to the liquor store.


The current plot the show had of the underground dungeon got wrapped up this episode, too. As expected, it was an anticlimactic reveal, but this show isn’t exactly about to give us human experimentation or zombies or the like. It’s cool that they finally talked about beer instead of sake, too.

I’m hoping another plot is brought up soon, because as of right now the show doesn’t really stand on its own without one. I don’t really know enough about any of the characters to care about them just doing things.snap3

It is cool to see that Sawaki is finally going to tell Oikawa about his ability to see microbes though. Although there’s always the chance that the next episode will pull something dumb, making some reason for him to not actually tell her after all.

Two episodes to go.


6 Comments on “Readers’ Pick: Moyashimon Returns – Episode 3”

  1. Dragonymos says:

    Caring about the characters is what truly hooks people. If you care about the characters the story can slip, but if you don’t the story don’t matter. (Yep! I’m Captain Obvious.)

    You should do the Aniblogging thing. It’s a good chance to break out of the loner blog. Commenting is a good idea too. You’d be surprised how much a little commenting will impact your blogging.

    • Riyoga says:


      Eh, I kinda like being the loner blog. Call me hipster, but I like having a much smaller audience, if any at all. It makes it more personal.
      Plus I’m already terrible at replying to the few comments I get already, if this late reply didn’t make that obvious enough.

  2. Dragonymos says:

    I can understand that. I was kind of a commenter first and blogged just to contribute.

  3. Nadja says:

    There’s a blog carnival now? Whaaaaat?

    I don’t know what Moyashimon is about, but I want that girl’s comforter. Or duvet. Whatever the hell that girl is sitting on.

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