FanimeCon Day 1 & 2 – The Report Through Roleplay

I forgot to make a post about the first day yesterday, so I’m just going to write about the last two days in one post. Hurray efficiency!

Writing it up normally is boring though, so I’m going to present the story through an abridged roleplay between myself and my wallet on each day.


Riyoga: “Man, everything important started at 2pm, I’m an hour late!”
Wallet: “Don’t worry about it, there’s no way anything could be sold out already within an hour, and I’m good to go!”
Riyoga: “True, I guess there’s no need to worry. I wish they didn’t have Artist Alley in a separate building behind the convention center this year, but not much you can do about construction.

A few minutes later…

Riyoga: “WOAH THIS BUILDING IS HUGE! Look at all of the booths! There’s sooooooooo many of them!”
Wallet: “Don’t you dare…”

$150 later…

Riyoga: “Man, there was so much great art this year! I’ll probably get even more tomorrow!”
Wallet: *Cries*


Riyoga: “A brand new day, which means this time it’s time to head to the Dealer’s Hall!”
Wallet: “Just… just don’t go crazy like yesterday. Please.”
Riyoga: “Most stuff in the Dealer’s Hall is overpriced like crazy, so I doubt I’ll buy anything unless I really want it.”
Wallet: “Fair enough.”

At the Dealer’s Hall…

Riyoga: “Oh man, THREE different Noizi Ito artbooks?! Oooh, this one is really nice! I NEED IT.”
Wallet: “It’s decently pricey, but it also gives you something to get signed by Noizi Ito at Anime Expo that you are totally going to find a way to attend and will be wandering around (Author’s Note: This is definitely not a shameless plug about my future presence at Anime Expo).
Riyoga: “Exactly! So I’m buying it!”

30 minutes later…

Riyoga: “Well, there doesn’t seem to be much else that I want. That was easy.”
Wallet: “That’s fine by me, I prefer it this way.”
Riyoga: “I guess. Oh well, time to lea… wait, what is that?!”
Wallet: “Oh god, what did you just see?”mug1

Riyoga: “It’s so neat! I have to get it!”
Wallet: “W… well I suppose that’s not unreasonable. It’s nice to have something tangible you can use on a daily basis and… oh god what does that price tag say? Well, as long as it’s just that…”
Riyoga: “Wait, what’s THAT?!mug2

Wallet: *Dies*


P.S. This is what happens when I’m too lazy to write a normal post. You’re welcome for those pictures, though. I’m gonna go pass out now in preparation for tomorrow.


5 Comments on “FanimeCon Day 1 & 2 – The Report Through Roleplay”

  1. MyNameIsLewis says:

    Damn son, dat mug be faboulous yo! I best be gettin one of those fine things
    P.S In serious, i hope you are having a good time!
    P.P.S Your hands are pretty.

  2. Marina says:

    I’m kind of glad that you dilly dallied and didn’t post for each day, since I like the style that you chose to cover the con in this post. I have frequent conversations with my wallet, particularly in clothes stores and at conventions, so I completely understand the sentiment.

    You really lucked out with those mugs. The past two cons I’ve gone to have yielded zero hits for mugs, which is sad since I love coffee so much. I hope this year’s AX has better offerings!

    And talking about AX 2013, it all depends on whether or not work is slow enough to let me go for July 4th weekend. If I am able to go, you’re definitely one of the top of my list to meet :)

    • Riyoga says:

      I don’t even drink coffee, but I can put other stuff in the mug, like chocolate milk! Goddamn I love chocolate milk.

      That Gosick mug was actually the last one they had, and the lady selling it to me asked if I was a fan of the show since she liked it but it seemed like hardly anyone else did. We had a short but nice chat about the show before I wandered off. She was nice.

      As for AX, you better find a way to be there! I don’t really know a whole lot of other bloggers because I just kind of silently stalk everyone, so I want to meet at least one person that also knows who I am. Plus you’re super sugoi Marina.

      Though when the autograph sessions for Noizi Ito start, I’ll be in that line like three hours ahead of time and won’t budge from it until I get stuff signed. I hope she does more than one, because that way I can get in each line and get MORE stuff signed!

      • Marina says:

        Well, if work does allow me to go, then we’ll probably be in that autograph line TOGETHER since I scored free room and board if I stand in autograph lines for a few hours once during the con. I was dreading that since I hate lines and don’t have a handheld game to kill the time, but it would make it so much easier if I was talking to someone ^^

        Did you already reserve your hotel and such? You better do that soon if you haven’t, because it filled up FAST last year.

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