Why the Final Episode of OreImo Season 2 was Bullshit

This is a huge rant post. If those aren’t your cup of tea, I suggest skipping on reading this.

You know what pisses me off? When shows that are complete trash get massive amounts of attention. I mean, it’s one thing if everyone is just laughing at the show, but then you get shows like OreImo, where people are calling it a “guilty pleasure”. OreImo is not a goddamn guilty pleasure, unless you really like the taste of garbage.

If you’re one of those people who like it just because “ermagherd, Kirino be an otaku just like meh!!!1!11! XD” then shut up. I would fucking hope that people are smart enough to know to choose friends by their personalities rather than their hobbies, but apparently that’s too much to ask. I know it might be a hard concept to understand for thirteen-year-olds, which seems to be the average age of the people who like this abomination, but you’ll understand when you get older.

As for everyone else, it’s honestly at the point where I’m convinced the only way you could like the show is if you secretly (or not so secretly) want to bone your little sister. And if you don’t have a little sister, you wish you had one so that you could, because seriously, the only thing OreImo is at this point is horrendously written, incest pandering bullshit. It certainly isn’t a heartwarming tale of siblinghood, nor a story about anything else since the other characters only do things when they benefit Kirino in some way.

The final episode was the tipping point, and now it’s time to spill my fury out for the world to see.

There were so many things wrong with the final episode that I don’t even know where to start. It had one job, which was to make the audience feel bad for Kirino, and it couldn’t even do that. I fully understand what the show was trying to do, which was build up your hatred for Kirino, then make you feel bad for feeling that way by revealing her “tragic past”.

Too bad you forgot to foreshadow, you fucking idiot.

You see, shows that aren’t written like shit understand that in order to have a twist of some kind in regards to the story or characters, you need to leave hints lying around so that when the twist comes, those hints that showed there was more going on then meets the eye has you disappointed in yourself for not seeing the bigger picture, which then puts you in the right mindset for nearly anything to do a 180°.

There are multiple terms for this kind of thing: foreshadowing/foreshadowed, payoff, resolution, reveal, plot twist; but these all hinge on there being hints beforehand. When you don’t leave hints and try to do this same thing, that’s called by a very different term.

It’s called covering your ass.

When you write a story as you go along, you’ll eventually wind up writing yourself into a corner, and it will seriously fucking show. You can’t just set these characters up a certain way, then portray them in that way for the entire show just to at the very end say, “Oh well this super tragic thing happened a few years ago! CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION!”

Though to be fair even if it had been foreshadowed it wouldn’t have done jack shit, since the episode itself was so fucking stupid.

You’re supposed to feel bad for Kirino because she idolizes her brother, yet as he grows older, he starts distancing himself from her and also doesn’t do as much extracurricular stuff that Kirino admired him for in favor of having a more relaxed life.

God fucking forbid someone live their own life the way they want to.

It’s not like Kyousuke does any of this stuff to intentionally antagonize Kirino or anything, he’s just getting older and his interests and lifestyle are changing. It’s something called growing up. Yet we’re supposed to feel bad for Kirino because he’s not living up to her idolized image of him? Everything always fucking comes back to Kirino, doesn’t it? First characters only do things when they benefit Kirino in some way even though she doesn’t deserve it, and now we’re supposed to dislike a character because he doesn’t live up to Kirino’s standards? WHY IS KIRINO TREATED LIKE SHE’S THE FUCKING CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. WHY.

You know what? Forget the people who still like this show, I can guarantee you that the author wants to fuck his sister. That or he created Kirino as his ideal vision of a little sister. …Whom he wants to bone.

Oh, but it gets worse. Lets once again assume that the author wasn’t a complete hack and made you actually feel sympathy for Kirino. It wouldn’t even matter because Kirino’s solution to her “problem” is to act like a complete bitch.

Yeah, that’ll get your idolized vision of your brother back real fast.

It’s fucking stupid. It’s like one of those situations where a character has something bad happen to them, but then their solution or resolution to that is an absolutely terrible idea. Like for example, a character gets bullied in school, so later on in his life (or even at the current time), he decides to murder them. …Well actually this core scenario is a nice technique, because it gives you a character you feel bad for, yet can’t agree with. It’s the whole understanding vs. acceptance kind of deal.

The problem when it comes to Kirino is that her solution isn’t even a solution. How is acting like a complete bitch to her brother going to accomplish anything at all other than further ostracizing him?

You want to know something that did all of this correctly? Nozoki Ana. I can even explain it without spoiling it at all, because it’s that fucking simple.

The start of Nozoki Ana has Kido’s neighbour and classmate, Emiru, blackmail him into a rule where they peep on each other every other day using the hole in the wall between their two apartments. This start, needless to say, has you thinking of her as some kind of psychotic, manipulative pervert.

However, as you get further in the story, Emiru occasionally seems to act out of character. She’ll go out of her way to help Kido or protect him, despite the opening making it seem like she only sees him as a subject to observe. This sets the foundation for much later in the story, where you find out there’s much more to Emiru than meets the eye, especially when it comes to her past.

But unlike OreImo, the explanation doesn’t try to completely reinvent Emiru, it simply makes you realize that there was a deeper meaning behind the actions she took. Where you thought you saw pointless, self-satisfactory manipulation turned out to be something else entirely.

It’s kind of like those drawing puzzles you did as a kid. You know the ones where there are numbered dots and you have to connect all the dots in order to make a picture? With Nozoki Ana, you filled in all those dots, but then later on it revealed that there were some hidden dots before the first one. Adding lines for those made the whole picture turn into something different.

Whereas for OreImo it just gives you a completely different set of dots that make its own picture. None of those previous dots mean a damn thing.

It’d be a different story if this episode had been, say, the very first episode of the series, because then it wouldn’t feel like a complete asspull, but no. In fact, it’s made even worse because the first episode of the second season has an opening scene that seems like it’s supposed to be the explanation for why Kirino behaves the way she does. No, turns out that scene was completely pointless and was just there for fuck all reason.

Speaking of shit writing this season and how that last episode didn’t develop Kirino’s character at all for reasons just stated, what the fuck is up with people saying this season “developed characters”?

Yeah, a character’s level of development isn’t decided by how many times they sacrifice themselves in some way for Kirino.

Oh, Kuroneko developed because she went out with Kyousuke? Well that isn’t one to begin with since that’s a plot development, not a character one; but even her willingness to get her feelings across don’t count because hey, turns out it was all a fucking convoluted plan to get Kyousuke and Kirino to be closer by breaking up with him later on.

Saori didn’t develop because her backstory was stupid and made no fucking sense since those people acted like robots instead of actual human beings capable of rational thought.

If there’s anyone who developed at all, it would be Ayase, and it wasn’t even done that well since it felt like the author just happened to remember that she existed at the last second and had her do things near the end. But at least unlike a certain someone, she was capable of understanding how badly she treated Kyousuke and apologized to him with a decently heartfelt confession before being shot down since Kyousuke is both a masochist and a gigantic fucking idiot.

Speaking of Kyousuke, he practically got degraded rather than developed. What happened to the rational, helpful Kyousuke of the first season? Now he’s just an obnoxious male version of Kirino that wants to bone her for no rational reason other than “LEL MUH WINCEST”.

In fact, all the characters other than Ayase got degraded. Screw all of them. Anyone who sacrifices their own happiness for Kirino is clearly a fucking idiot anyways.

Though I do blame the author more than the characters themselves.

There’s only one character-based thing about OreImo that I can praise, and at this point I’m willing to bet it’s something that developed completely unintentionally by the author since he’s too stupid to possibly get anything right.

Though even if it was unintentional, we can all still praise… the one true pairing.art1

So yeah, that final episode was a complete load of crock. I’m pretty sure it made me physically ill. I may have even hurled at one point.

If OreImo has to go down in the history books as a popular show, please let it be as an example of how not to do… well, pretty much anything. That way classes can be taught and the teacher can say, “Now remember kids, if you want to be a good writer, look at what OreImo did. …And then do the exact opposite.”


8 Comments on “Why the Final Episode of OreImo Season 2 was Bullshit”

  1. terraluigi says:

    Man, I love rants about things that are popular even though they clearly shouldn’t be and OreImo is one heck of an example.
    I never understood how anyone could like it in any way. Maybe they all played the visual novel or read something else and somehow that made everything look alright? It’s not even a good wincest story or anything :S

  2. Vietuchiha says:

    Well it the serie wasnt that bad. I was rooting ayase for the whole time. I knew it would ended that Way but WoW just wow that end let me hate it. With the 2nd season my hate to kuroneko, manami and Kirino grew. The end let me want to step kyousuke

  3. Kairu says:

    The whole series was shit.
    Nice review here!
    Can anyone answer me why Kuroneko is universally loved?

    • Battler says:

      She’s cute… Well I like that kind of female characters on anime. I don’t know, I prefer her than Kirino, she’s nice and charismatic in her own way.

      My problem with OreImo was as stated the foreshadowing. I watched thinking it was going to be an incest romance, but the whole to season excepting the last darn episode they tried to convince us that Kyosuke and Kirino’s relationship was that of a normal couple of siblings who have differences but at the end of the day they’re family and they trying to be nice one another and care for each other. But the last episode is like “Surprise! Surprise! We were in love the whole time lol”

      Every single pairing was freaking justified: KyosukexKuroneko/Manami/Ayase, dear Lord even Kanako was justified as his mate because they had (depending on the character) at least a bit of development, but NO, they paired Kyosuke with the most unlikely of them all, with Kirino, rejecting every single girl (and supposedly he really liked Kuroneko) and it wasn’t even worthy because at the end they realized that their love was pretty much impossible. By the (open) end of the series I decided to imagine my own epilogue where Kyosuke stays with Kuroneko. And I also hated how everyone sacrificed themselves because of Kirino… It was so unreallistic. Who in the world would sacrifice for her?! I mean, that was my problem with Haruhi Suzumiya, but at least there was justified because she was a goddess or some sort.

      I really loved the characters and their personalities (excluiding Kirino, lastepisodeKyosuke, and their nosensical sacrifices) and because of them I consider this series worthy, but the writing did not make them justicie at all. I’m completely sure that those characters feel like they’re being raped everytime the writers pick the pen.

      However, I downloaded the VN in order to get what the producers/writers/creators couldn’t deliver to me: a freaking reallistic rational romantic story and to make justice to what I consider good misused characters.

    • Mizutbest says:

      Youre absolutely right. I dont know why that kyousuke rejected all girls who confess him. Didnt he ever think about his future, his relationship with manami who always support him/saying the real thing about siblings? At last, kyousuke made the most stupid choice(in my mind there were two path, the stupid act by him or saying the right thing about siblings to manami) he cant get into reality although they made promise to be reality siblings after wedding ceremony(their PARENTS DIDNT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE FAKE WEDDING? Their parents never care about their children at all) and kiss mouth on mouth(i cant accept that). He didnt care about others feeling(ayase,manami especially).

      AARRGGHH!!!! It really pissed me off

      Thanks for this helpful discussion. Now i can relaxed my mind for a bit from this unacceptable things

  4. Noway says:

    I started watching oreimo because it came up in the comedy section of MAL.
    This is just incest bullshit.
    Why are there so many reviews saying it is good or funny???
    I thought the whole world was crazy until i read this rant.

  5. Noway says:

    honestly WTF??!!

  6. rais says:


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