Anime Expo 2013

First things first, I’ve got plenty of pictures for you guys. Well, technically, I don’t, since it was my friend who took the pictures, but I’m the one posting them, so I’m taking partial credit.

I was trimming them down at first (there were over 350+), but the further in I got the lazier I got, and started only getting rid of ones that were too blurry to see what was going on. I may have missed some, though.

Oh, and obviously those last few pictures aren’t at AX, it was just me playing with my friend’s kitten, Oreo.

Now, most people tend to follow this up with a recounting of what they did each and every day, but because I’m a hipster rebel, I’m just going to post about specific things that I remember happening that are at least partially amusing.

The first one I can remember was when I was in line for Noizi Ito’s autograph. I was talking to the guy next to me about… something that had to do with Noizi Ito’s work. He was pretty cool dude. Then I remember at one point someone was talking about Shana and another person said something along the lines of, “So, was I the only person that didn’t like the third season of Shana?” I then had to put my big-boy pants on and defend Shana‘s honour.
Actually I just told them that it seemed like the people who liked it or didn’t were pretty much split 50/50. …Then I defended Shana‘s honour.

Another fun thing that happened was on the second to last day. I didn’t want to spend any money, so I didn’t want to go to the giant exhibit hall, and was also tired from the standing/walking from previous days, so I decided to stick to the video rooms almost all day. However, the first two were filled (since those were the bigger rooms showing more popular stuff), and the fourth room was showing some show that I didn’t care for. So, by default, the third video room became my destination. I looked to see what was showing, and was some show I don’t remember hearing about called Junjo Romantica.
I walked in and the first things to hit my senses were one flat-chinned anime guy kneeling over another flat-chinned anime guy and a massive audience of females shrieking their lungs out in ecstasy. At first I considered getting the living hell out of there, but then I decided I cared more for resting my legs than anything, so I sat down. What followed was approximately 45 minutes of girls (most of them most likely under 18) getting off to even the slightest of sexual implications between two male characters. Sometimes even when they just appeared on screen. Or stared at each other.

I still have yet to figure out of this is a projecting thing, or if fujoshis really get that aroused by the idea of disproportionate male characters wanting to put it in each others poopers. It’s kind of funny how guys are labeled as the perverts, yet I’m not aware of any shrieking or cheering happening whenever there’s a panty-shot. Hell, there’s no shrieking or cheering when we watch actual porn.

…As far as I’m aware of, at least.

Something else that happened that was more annoying than amusing was when they started showing Psycho-Pass. The first warning light went off when the staff guy said that they were only given two episodes to share instead of the usual three. We also had to watch with this faint “not a retail copy – for marketing purposes only” watermark on the video. Actually it may have said “advertising”, not “marketing”, but still. The first episode was shown just fine, but then I hear these guys behind me go, “Man, that was pretty bad.” “Yeah, should we go?” “Nah, let’s watch the next episode and see if it improves.” I mean, really? I know there are people out there that didn’t like Psycho-Pass, but I thought it was unanimous that the first episode was really goddamn good. Though I do recall them saying something 4chan related. I think they were from /k/ or something if I remember. Anyways, I hoped that something in the second episode would make them change their minds.

Problem is, we never got to finish the episode.

We only got about halfway through it, when the disc would suddenly freeze, then skip to the ED. The staff rewound it and played the scene again, hoping it was a one-time deal, but it happened again at the exact same spot. Then they apologized and pretty much kicked us out. Good promotion for your release, Funimation.

Uhm… that’s about it, actually. I didn’t go to pretty much any panels because they were a pain in the ass to line up for since they tended to be incredibly disorganized. Hell, even staff members didn’t know what was going on with their own lines half the time.

The only one I went to was Noizi Ito’s panel, and I was sitting next to a guy who wouldn’t shut the hell up for pretty much the entire thing. Man that guy was annoying.

So yeah, Anime Expo. I’ll probably keep going as long as my friend in L.A. stays where she is so I can crash there. Otherwise I’ll need a really good special guest in order to get me to pay the amount of money needed to stay in L.A. for the convention.

It was still fun though, so I’m hoping I get to go next year. Especially now that I know where everything is and won’t have to spend the entire first day wandering around like an idiot.


6 Comments on “Anime Expo 2013”

  1. theaoitori says:

    Cool post. Wish I could’ve seen Noizi Ito but >Ireland. Surprised you didn’t start a riot when he said that guy said he didn’t like Shana S3. I admire your self restraint.
    >/k/ visiting an anime convention. That’s a good joke man. Had me fooled.
    I hear that video playback at conventions always manage to screw up somehow so not the least bit surprised there. Maybe its Funimations way of saying “Oh woopsie~ Looks like it broke~ Well you could always just buy it and see what happens next!”…at least thats what I hope.
    Those pictures were cool. Had my fair share of laughs at them. They were quite funny. To be fair, there were some that were cool and I can see the effort put into them. SOME anyways.
    Also >Dat last picture of the cat
    Looks like I’m having nightmares tonight.

  2. draggle says:

    Why didn’t you tell anyone you were there? *tear*

    • Riyoga says:

      Well, I did, I just didn’t do a very good job about it apparently, seeing as how Marina was the only one who knew I was going. I mentioned it once or twice on Twitter before it happened and once in a previous post, but that was it. I’ll do a better job of it next time now that I know that was definitely not enough.

      That and I need to get a smart phone. Can’t tweet and tell people where I am or suddenly meet up with people if I can’t look at Twitter at the convention center!

      You said you’ll probably attend every other year though, so in two years I’ll make sure to let you personally know if I’m going (probably will) and meet up with you.

  3. Yumeka says:

    Wish I had known you were at the con too and could have tried to have met up with you =/ I was also in all of Noizi Ito’s autograph lines and her panel, so I may have even seen you there and not have known it. I think I did see one of your tweets/posts about going to AX but I’m not sure…so yeah, if you do get a smartphone with Twitter next time, that’ll definitely be helpful in arranging meetups =) I had actually managed to meet up with bloggers a couple of times in past years without Internet at the con, but having it this year made things a lot easier. Where did you fly in from by the way?

    Anyway, glad to hear you had a good time despite not everything going smoothly (like the Psycho Pass screening). Hope to catch you there next time~

    • Riyoga says:

      Yeah, other than stuff at AX itself, the biggest thing I learned was that I needed to communicate more to other bloggers about my doings and whereabouts and such. A smartphone would have helped, but it wouldn’t have mattered since I didn’t do a good job of even letting people know I was going to the convention.

      I actually didn’t fly in. I drove down with two friends. One of them was with me for the most part during the convention, and the other stayed with my friend living in L.A. and they did their own thing.
      It was around a 5-hour drive, but it was fun since we joked around the whole time.

      Absolutely! You’re another one I’ll make sure to visit next AX!

  4. Evergreen says:

    …wow that’s some amazing cosplay O_o Anime fans these days lol. And am I just seeing things, or do hot women actually like anime too XD

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