Pokemon Designs Have Gotten More Creative, Not Less (and That’s the Problem)

In celebration of Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out and my previous Pokemon post years ago getting over getting a bunch of traffic, I thought I would cover another topic about the series that I find interesting.

Though admittedly it is something I don’t hear as much about recently. Whether people have gotten over it or just aren’t as vocal about it anymore, I don’t know, but as someone who grew up with Pokemon it was something that came up frequently each new game that came out, and it tended to be more prominent each time.

And that was arguing about Pokemon designs.

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Why Dawn was the Best Thing to Happen to Pokemon

That’s right, it’s finally here! The ultimate Dawn post! Though there’s a few things to say before starting.

First off, while this post is primarily about Dawn, I’m starting with other reasons that the Diamond & Pearl season was awesome and why it doesn’t deserve to be the most neglected season of the bunch.
Second, I didn’t start watching the subbed version until Best Wishes, so all the names I’ll use for people and Pokémon before then are from the English dub, while I’ll be using the original Japanese names for Best Wishes stuff (if I even mention any).
Third, I haven’t watched Advanced Generation in quite a while, and as such most of my points in regards to it will be assumptions. If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me. In fact, if you want to refute any of the points I make, go for it. The only requirement is that you back up your claims with an episode number or two. It’s easy enough for me to check pretty much any episode, but I’d rather not search for a needle in a haystack.
Lastly, while I have almost the entire season of Diamond & Pearl on DVD, I didn’t install a DVD drive for my computer, and I’m too lazy to set up my laptop. That means pictures I use will be from the few video files I have for the season, but it’s not that big of a deal considering I’m mainly going to be using drawings and such as inserts.

You know, on reflection, I’m not sure why it was necessary to mention that last one. Oh well, I already typed it and I’m too lazy to remove it.

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Why You Should be Watching Pokemon Best Wishes (Black & White)

This new format is already working nicely. Without having to worry as much about getting posts out, I’ve been able to play more games that I’m backlogged on, and I’m even starting to do a bit of streaming. I’m probably not going to go all hardcore into streaming, but it’s just something fun to do. Maybe I can think up fun events with it or something.

Though in other news I’m still behind on shows. I caught up on a few, but the ones that I haven’t I’m behind by quite a bit. I’ll need to dedicate a day in the near future to doing nothing but catching up. Some shows will probably be dropped, like Zetman and Hyouka. Except I haven’t actually started Hyouka, so it’s more like deciding not to watch than dropping it.

Oh, and I actually probably would have had this out sooner, but this wasn’t actually the original post I had in mind. I just made a last minute call to not do my original idea because considering the topic it makes more sense to wait for the show to finish before writing about it, because I could get unexpected or new information in regards to it. You’ll see what I mean when the post does eventually come out.

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Current Thoughts on Winter Shows

Well this was certainly a strange week. I think this is the first time I couldn’t manage to think up a topic for an editorial. It’s not even that I’m out of ideas, I sporadically come up with topics all the time; it’s just that for some reason, I was drawing a complete blank. Even some of the topics I wrote down were just… there. I couldn’t think of any ways to flesh them out or talk about them in any way more than “this is the topic, and I agree with it”.

So, instead, I (finally) decided to just type up my thoughts on the shows I’m watching this season. Not the most thought-provoking topic, but eh, at least you can see where I stand on shows. Though I’ll say right now, they haven’t changed all too much from the previews I did.

Also, the TERA beta has started up again for this weekend. It may have also contributed as a bit of a distraction. Maybe.

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Why the Pokemon Adventures Manga is Amazing

This isn’t actually the editorial I planned on publishing today. I ran out of time because I was studying for a test that’s tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the last day of school for me! Though I still have finals to do after that.

Basically, the real post will be out tomorrow. I just felt like I needed to post something today (though this is actually scheduled to be posted tomorrow… oh well).

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Review: Pokemon Movie: Zoroark: Master of Illusions


Anime: Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions
Animation Studio: Oriental Light and Magic
Number of Episodes: 1 (movie)
Length per Episode: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

Wow that’s a lot of colons in the title. It’s been quite a while since I’ve watched a Pokémon movie, so it was nice to get to watch the newest one.

Oh, before I start, the ETAs for the posts on my backlist aren’t guaranteed to be accurate. I have a lot of work to do since the semester is wrapping up, so those ETAs are only really “hopeful” ETAs.

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Preview: Pokemon Best Wishes!


I know I don’t normally use subtitles in the title picture, but the subtitles were hardsubbed in, so no dice.
[Basically, in non-nerd, the subtitles were fused into the video.]

So, a brand new season of Pokemon! And it started airing right after Black and White were released in Japan, too (five days, to be exact).

Given the fact that this is Pokemon, there isn’t too much to say, but lets get started.

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