Top 10 (and Worst 5) Anime of 2014

Another year, another time to be unoriginal and do a top ten (or some degree thereof) post like everybody else in the universe. But they’re pretty fun to do, so it makes sense why everybody does them.

2014 was a pretty solid year for anime. I think I said the exact same thing about 2013, but this year was even better. When I make my list I go through all of the shows I watched that are eligible, and write down the ones that I think deserve a spot, then after I’m done I sort through the shows and decide which ones will actually make the Top 10. Sometimes I have just enough shows for the list, other times I don’t have enough and need to expand out a bit so I can have enough, and then there are times like this year where I have more than enough shows.

This wasn’t an easy list, I had an especially difficult time deciding the placements for the five through one spots, and if I could I would have given number one and two both the top spot in a heartbeat. But alas, there has to be one single winner.

Before getting into the list, I should explain which shows are eligible. The basic rule is that the show needs to have ended at some point in 2014. Doesn’t matter if it started in 2013 or even 2012, as long as the show ended in 2014, it qualifies. This means shows such as Your Lie in April, Parasyte, Magic Kaito, etc. that are still airing were not eligible.

Normally that would be the single rule of this, but now that split-cour shows are becoming a Thing, I’m adding a new one: split-cour shows where the second half doesn’t finish in the year are also not qualified. That means no JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, or Aldnoah.Zero. I’m defining a split-cour show as one that’s clearly incomplete without its second half due to no real resolution, or has a blatant cliffhanger to lead into it. These are shows that are typically planned to be split-cour in the first place and announced as such.

Oh, and also obviously only shows I watched are eligible. If a show you think is great didn’t make my list, there’s a good possibility I either didn’t watch it or it just didn’t manage to make the cutoff. …Or I may have thought the show was shit, but the former are more likely.

With all that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

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My Top 10 (and Worst 5) Anime of 2013

Last year I struggled quite a bit when coming up with my top ten, not because there were so many good shows, but because there was a lack of them. A few times I actually considered making it a top five list instead, but I ended up going through with ten shows in the end.

This year, on the other hand, was difficult for the correct reason. There are a lot of shows I feel deserve a spot in my top ten but I just couldn’t fit them in, but that is sort of the point of making a top ten, isn’t it? If it’s easy to pick them then what’s even the point?

The rule is the same, simple one as usual: the show needed to end at some point in 2013. That means shows that are still airing are not eligible (though I’m sure plenty of people will still ask “WHERE’S KILL LA KILL?!”), but shows that started in late 2012 and didn’t finish until 2013 are eligible. With that in mind, let’s get this list started, shall we?

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My Top 10 Anime of 2012

I was originally just going to put “Top 10 Anime of 2012” as the title, since it’s already obvious this list is just my opinion and such, but I caved and changed it because it made the title look better aesthetically. Two words followed by a number, then another two words followed by another number. Sweet.

The rules for this list are simple: the show needed to end at some point during 2012. Actually, that’s the only rule, but this means that shows could start in late 2011 as long as they continued into 2012. Oh, and only shows I actually watched can make the list, obviously.

So basically this is the ballot I sent in for the APR Best of 2012 voting. I just flipped the order they’re listed in and expanded a bit more on some of the reasons for picking a few of the shows. However, this is still ultimately just a list, so I’m still only giving about a sentence or two to explain why I picked each one.

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Seasonal Awards – Spring 2011

Well, well, it’s already that time again? It seems like just a few days ago I was making the Winter 2010/2011 post. I think these are my favorite posts to do, even though they’re the most work to format.

BUT, thanks to the nifty WordPress feature of allowing me to basically copy a post entirely and then edit it to my will, I’m going to save a couple hours writing this post this time! And it means I can add even more awards! Everybody wins!

Except I took probably three more days to write this one than the last one. I do apologize for my horrible estimate on dates. I’ve been busy recovering from the wisdom teeth deal, trying to memorize the shit out of this menu for my job (the names are all in Greek, oh my god), and watching TheSpeedGamers do their week-long, 24/7 Star Wars video game marathon to raise money for Direct Relief International. They’re some pretty funny guys, so if you have time, I suggest heading over to their site to watch and also donating if you can.

Alright, enough with the excuses, lets get started.

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Seasonal Awards – Winter 2010/2011

I’ve been waiting for the Winter shows to end for a while now, because I’ve been looking forward to doing this post. Now, most bloggers I’ve seen do yearly and/or decade reviews for shows, but my attention span can’t wait for that long. Everyone wants to know what shows to watch what season, or to see shows they hate get ripped into right away, rather than wait for a year.

I’m actually going to make a new page after this that’ll explain my format for this in more detail, but due to this being the first time I’m doing this, I’ll give a quick overview of important points before starting.

The only shows that are eligible to win anything must have aired during this season. That means it either started this season, or continued into this season from the last one. There are restrictions on shows that do that, though. The best way to explain would be through an example.

For instance, Gosick is eligible for these awards, but only the first half or so of the show that has aired, since it’s still ongoing. Basically, it is unable to win awards that are for the show overall (such as Best Show, Worst Show, etc.). On the other hand, Star Driver, which aired its second half this season, is eligible for awards for any of its episodes, and the show overall. Gosick will be eligible to win awards for the show overall next season. So basically, if a show aired during the season, all the episodes that have aired for it are eligible, and if it finished, the entire show is also eligible.

Also, while I will have general categories such as best and worst show that will carry over into every season, I’m allowed to make up awards on the spot if I feel like a show deserves something special. The award could be for something good or bad. I won’t guarantee these awards will carry into next season due to them mainly being made for specific shows, but if I feel any shows next season also fit the criteria, I will use it again.

I think that’s good enough of an overview. I’ll go into more detail when I make the page that explains the details for these awards later today.

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