Review: Sword Art Online II

Sometimes I struggle with the things I decide to put out. I tend to only cover a show when I have something I want to say about it. Most of the time that’s due to having an opinion that just goes against the majority. My ultimate goal, after all, is to get people to think about the shows they like and dislike and why. But I don’t want to have a reputation of always going against the grain, because then it looks like I’m doing it for the sake of it. That’s why I try to go in an alternating pattern with at least my longer videos: I started with a less than stellar Clannad review, then praised ToraDora, then laid out my issues with After Story.

But sometimes I have to put that worry aside and say the things I want to say regardless. Which is why I’m now going to explain through a review why I think people give SAO II too much shit.

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Review: Sword Art Online


Sword Art Online is pretty sweet. The art design is cool, with each each floor being vast and varied as far as setting goes; the concept of having to climb a 100-story tower with a boss at the end of each one is neat; and the combat and skill systems look like they are programmed very well!

…Oh wait, I’m supposed to review the show, not the game.

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