Preview: Zero no Tsukaima F


So I didn’t get this finished last night. Oh well, it’s not that big of a deal.

These last few days, I’ve actually managed to set some time aside and watch some shows. It’s much better than before, when I was only barely keeping up with three shows. I’m nearly caught up on the shows I said I was going to check out this season, and haven’t fallen behind on the shows carrying over into this season. Kill Me Baby is the only one I have yet to start.

Know what that means? Preview posts bonanza! Well, actually, maybe not bonanza, since there’s only around five shows that I’m picking up, but at least it’ll give me something to write that isn’t Shana episodics. Not that I don’t like to write them, but still.

Zero no Tsukaima… Zero no Tsukaima… I’m not sure where to begin. I already mentioned my thoughts on the series back in my winter preview, but even after three episodes I have no idea what to think.snap2

The first episode wasn’t too great, and it reeked of the crappy third season all over again, so it didn’t do too much to excite me. It’s pretty much your same old Zero no Tsukaima: characters are the same, setting feels the same, etc.

A problem I have with Zero no Tsukaima that is just blatantly more obvious due to this season is that there’s no real overarching problem or conflict that needs resolving. It’s like To Aru Majutsu no Index, where you just cycle through each story arc. While they can be exciting, there’s just this sense that only temporary problems are being resolved.snap3

Well, actually, as of the third season, there was a plot that could have served as an overarching plot. The whole conflict with the king of Gallia, Joseph, that was brought up again in the second episode would have pretty much done the job as a finale plot.

In fact, while on that note, I should mention that the show was a lot better after the first episode. It didn’t take long for the show to decide it needed a plot, which also introduced this small gang of what seem to be mercenaries. Personally, I think they were pretty interesting characters. Probably the most interesting ones the show has offered yet.

Then they were on the verge of an all-out war with Joseph and all of his people. Damn the plot moved fast.

And then Joseph dies at the end of the third episode.snap4

Maybe the plot moved a bit too fast.

Now I have no idea where the plot is going to go. This was a huge conflict that got resolved in a matter of two episodes. Sure, they can make new ones, but the question is if it can match up. To be fair, that mercenary group is still prowling around somewhere, and they were pretty predominant in the OP, so odds are they’ll have something to do with the final arc.

It’s possible Joseph’s arc may have just been ended quickly since they may be trying to plow through as much novel material as they can before they have to end the story. I wouldn’t be surprised if some stuff got skipped, but I imagine they want to put in as much material as they can get away with.

Or maybe we already skipped to the last novel. I have no idea, since I haven’t read them.

So basically, I’m on the fence with Zero no Tsukaima F right now. If all of the episodes are as good as the second and third, this should actually be a pretty solid season. If it reverts back to what the first episode was like, then this is going to be painful to get through.


2 Comments on “Preview: Zero no Tsukaima F”

  1. Look at you go Riyoga. Posts galore!

    I haven’t checked out Another or Tsukaima yet. Though, I will likely marathon Another at some point because I do like the horror genre quite a bit but haven’t seen any of the other Familiar material so I can’t watch that one anytime soon.

    • Riyoga says:

      Awwwww yeah!

      I remember back when I started up this blog, and always tried to get (and usually got) preview and review posts out before everyone else. I don’t think I could ever manage to do that again. Though it probably helped that I did that in the long run. I’m sure there’s still some people lurking due to my speedy posts back then.

      Yeah, I’m not sure I’d recommend Zero no Tsukaima. I enjoyed the first two seasons, but it’s blatantly obvious where it’s trying to make use of aspects that made Shana so popular, and doesn’t do it as well.

      Another, on the other hand, I definitely recommend. And I think it’s a good idea you’re waiting to marathon it. You’ll probably get the most out of it that way.

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