Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – Episode 15


First they cut the ED off, now they’re even cutting the OP and title card off. Oh well, gives us more Shana to watch.

I was going to use a screenshot of the title being shown over the scene that it cuts to right after the rain, but I thought it was a bit too much of a spoiler to include before the jump. However, I still really like the atmosphere of the screenshot, so I’m including it after the jump anyways. So you guys get two title cards! Exciting stuff, I know.

So school has started, and while I was right that the first two days are light loads since they’re just introductory classes essentially, I forgot that there’s three classes I’m still trying to add, and it’s much more work to get them added than I anticipated (two down, one to go!). Hence why this is coming out later than I intended. But “delay” is practically my middle name, so I guess you guys aren’t too surprised. Hey, at least it’s not as bad as when I had to do those double episode posts.


Yes, I was serious about the second title screenshot. Yes, it was completely necessary. Shush.

Anyways, while some pretty significant events happened this episode, there’s not actually much to say about them. But hey, I’ve managed to work with this kind of situation before, so lets see if I can pull off some magic.snap3

The first big thing that happened was that the Four Gods of the Earth/Motherland are going to join the fight. I say “going to” because while Centerhill did fight and said the others would join, they still technically haven’t joined until Shana gets word to them. If she does, that is.

It was then kind of amusing when he nearly immediately gets killed. However, it doesn’t matter, because his death wasn’t supposed to be a tearfest, it was entirely symbolic and all of that jazz. It was to show that these powerful people are definitely joining this fight, and it’s going to cause something significant.

On the other hand, it also showed how goddamn strong Sydonay is. If you have these characters being referred to as “gods”, then you’d expect only another god to be able to match them in power. That would make it kind of awkward if someone with a lower status beat them (at least without ganging up on them). Now that we know that Sydonay is extremely powerful, it won’t be farfetched if we see him (or probably anyone in the Trinity) being able to take on any of the others that are going to possibly show up.snap4

On the other hand, we had Samuel kick the bucket, which was the exact opposite of Centerhill’s death: it was actually supposed to be sad, and was. I said before that there weren’t many new Flame Haze this season that I cared for, but Shana managed to make a character that I didn’t even take much notice have an impactful end. I didn’t even realize until it was obvious he wasn’t going to make it out alive through the distraction that I actually did care if he died. I don’t know how it managed to do it, but major kudos to the show for pulling it off.

I actually don’t have anything else to say about Samuel’s death, so lets switch paces to why Centerhill decided the Four Gods of the Earth were going to fight Snake. According to what we know, there’s a possibility that something quite bad will happen if a new world is created. However, even if that turns out to be false, they want to defend the people of this new world from being eaten, and how that would cause bad shit to happen back on Earth because of some kind of feedback system the universe has set in place.

While I can see where they’re coming from, I still disagree, mainly because I don’t think they’re going to be eating people. In fact, we’re not even positive if Snake’s going to copy over people at all. The thing is, I don’t think their source of Power of Existence is going to come from eating people. Like I said in my last episodic, I think they’re going to exploit the Reiji Meigo/Midnight Child in some way to supply the Power of Existence.

We know from the last two seasons that it has been storing more and more PoE as the series goes on, and Snake is a god. He could probably feed tons of power into it, so that it resets to that amount each day. Or something to that effect. But that’s why I still can’t side with the Flame Haze on this one.

As I also said in my last episodic, we still need to see the fine print in Snake’s plan before we can be absolutely sure which side to take. Though at this point, I think Snake still has a pretty huge advantage.


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