Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – Episode 21 & Episode 22


First thing’s first, if you haven’t voted in the poll at the end of my spring impressions post, do so please. You can get me to watch a show you think I’m missing out on, or torture me with some horrendous show. Why not vote?

So, back to Shana episodics! Last week’s post got delayed while I waited for Eclipse to release their version, and since it came out so close to this week’s episode, I decided to just wait and do a double-episode post. It actually turned out to be a good idea, because pretty much every question brought up in last week’s episode got answered, or was at least given more information. So most of what I’ll talk about is from this week’s episode, except for the one major plot point from episode 21.

Which plot point was that? The one about Shana’s new law that was added, of course.snap3

I thought before this that Yuuji had some sort of system that was going to be put into play that would prevent humans from being eaten, but I guess I was wrong. The way Shana has now set up the new world, it seems to be pretty much the best situation possible, except that the Crimson Denizens now need a new method to stay alive.

I was wondering exactly how something like that would be enforced, like if it was just going to become physically impossible for them to eat humans or something, which I think is the case. The Gods of the Earth/Motherland are adding to this plan by killing as many Crimson Denizens right now as they can, so that they’ll be “those old guys that used to be humans but got their asses kicked because of it”.

It’s a pretty solid plan, and makes sense, but if there’s anything this season or the show itself has taught us, it’s that there’s almost no easy way to doing something this big. The last two episodes are bound to throw in some unknown factor to switch things up. Maybe, perhaps, Pheles and Johann?

The question of that bottle-thing that Yoshida was carrying around got answered, if we jump to episode 22. Seeing as how it got mistaken for another Midnight Lost Child at first, it seems they combined themselves to create some sort of new Treasure. What it does exactly, is probably something quite big, recalling Rofocale’s reaction to it. Not to mention when Johann told Yuuji that he was going to “change his situation around”.snap4

Well, damn. Who woulda thunk that Wilhelmina’s maid outfit was actually symbolism for her personality of only being able to do things when asked? Okay, maybe that’s a bit too much. It’s more like she’s easily influenced and doesn’t tend to do things she herself wants to when it conflicts with what she thinks others want. Still, I think the maid outfit symbolism works well enough.

We also found out this is why Tiamat only spoke in fragments. He/She/It didn’t want to influence Wilhelmina to the point where she’d just be a doll doing what Tiamat said, so this way he/she/it could make a small quip about things while not influencing Wilhelmina’s thoughts too much.snap5

The Professor also bit the dust, in a hilariously anti-climactic way. And while it may have been hilariously anti-climactic, if you think about it, that’s a really fitting end for him. His death fit his personality to a T.

I’m also kind of sad he’s gone. He may have been incredibly annoying and unfunny at times, but his utterly insane personality really spiced up the show at times. He shall be missed.snap6

It was also sort of the same with Khamsin. While I liked Khamsin, I never had much of an opinion on him. After his death scene (though the preview reveals he may not quite be dead), I was upset about it. Maybe it’s just because I never expected him to die that I never thought about him at all. But after that scene, I don’t want him to kick the bucket. He’s the cool, old guy of the show. Well, other than Lamies, that is.

Though speaking of Lamies, where the hell did he go? Maybe he’ll spring up when we least expect him.

That’s about all to cover though. There’s only two episodes left, so these episodes have really just been setting up for the last two. I’ll probably have stupid amounts of stuff to write for the next two episodics.

This episode had a fantastic ending though. The reveal that Shana really thought her plan through by sabotaging the backup. Sydonay raged, and Margerie and Shana smiled at how they had won.

And then Shana looked up and saw Yuuji’s all-knowing, “all according to plan” smile.snap7



7 Comments on “Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – Episode 21 & Episode 22”

  1. I liked that little smile Yuji gave at the end.

    • Riyoga says:

      I did too.

      I caved and watched the raw version of the next episode. Oh god, I couldn’t even tell what they were saying 99% of the time but it was still amazing and made me cry manly tears.

      • Yeah, I might break down and do that too sometime soon.

        It doesn’t help that the terminology for Shana is beyond bizarre.

        • Riyoga says:

          It is, but that’s just one of the many charms the show has in my opinion.

          Honestly, Commie and Eclipse should both be releasing tomorrow (Sunday). And now that Commie’s translator picked up the novels, they may actually have a better release than Eclipse. He said the trouble with translating the show is that many of the characters (unsurprisingly) speak in really archaic ways, which leads to a tough time translating by ear, but is stupid simple in writing.
          Well, that and the basic fact that you’re going to get a more accurate translation from writing than speaking.

      • I agree, I like it’s quirky jargon too. Plus, you could always tell there was something unique in the delivery of the dialogue, especially when discussing the mythology of the show. Watched any older series lately or just been inundated with school, games and newer shows?

        • Riyoga says:

          Oh yeah, seeing as how it implements aspects of Eastern religions and history, it makes sense to have the unique delivery. It works well.

          I’ve been meaning to get around to older shows, but right now it’s school, games, newer shows, and House M.D. I’m almost done with the fourth season, and I have seven. I may watch some older stuff inbetween for a break, but the last older show I stopped on was Seto no Hanayome, which I find pretty unfunny, despite nearly unanimous claims about it being a classic comedy. Though I do never get tired of the Masa joke(s).
          Other than that, I caught up on Pokemon: Best Wishes!, and will probably watch the Zekrom and Reshiram movies soon.


      • Trying to watch some of the earlier shows from noitaminA i.e. Jyu-Oh-Sei and Hataraki Man. Aside from a few misses, mostly everything I’ve watched that was featured on noitaminA I can call some of my favorites or close to it.

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